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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bodyshop Aqua Eye Mask Review

I was just browsing  Bodyshop website randomly (which I do a lot) and came across this mask. Read the first few reviews (do it, I dare you) and I just had to get it (Of course I had to wait until a sale, Bodyshop is always giving one sale after another and buying something without sale would be such an waste.)

So anyway I ordered the mask, received it, used it and feel in love from the first use. Been using it once or twice everyday since. 
It can be used either warm or cold. You have refrigerate it to use it cold or soak in warm water to use it warm. Oh yes, the direction also said "Do not microwave", how stupid do they think I am? :P
When used cold, it feels really awesome. I can immediately see reduction of my puffiness. I have really puffy eyes, specially immediately after I wake up, so I have been pretty much using it in the morning.  It also helps to relax, give my eyes some break after too many hours of staring at the computer screen and stuff.
Apparently, it can also help to reduce headache. I haven't had a chance to test the theory yet but I dont doubt it, the mask is so big, it covers my forehead partially as well as the eyes, so yes, I can see it working. 
I have only used it warm once, didn't like the affect. It is not as relaxing as when used cold, plus the heat, even barely warm, makes me kind of uncomfortable.

The mask has a pvc-ish feel. The gel inside looks pretty much swiming-pool blue. According to Bodyshop, it is "A soothing eye mask for the delicate eye area or to simply help you relax", which is pretty much spot on.
More info is given on the packaging, including how to use and what the follow up with. I dont have the Bodyshop eye cream, but in the morning, I mostly use a Healthy Shop eye gel after the mask.
According to Bodyshop, the gel inside is made of Aleo-vera Now, I am not really sure what the overall is doing for my eyes, because it has no direct contact due to the pvc barrier.  The only thing this mask is doing is retaining the temperature, warmth or coolness, right? Would like to know some more info, if anyone cares to shed some. 
It has a adjustable velcro starps. Since my mask is pretty much new, the straps works pretty well. I strap it quite tightly to put some pressure, but I am not really sure how well it will hold when the velcro strats to wear off. If I have any complain with the mask, this is it, I wish it was designed with some kind of buckle or tie to provide a more permanent kind of strap.

Also it doesn't really do anything for the dark circle. Just the puffiness. I think it is the same principle of the good-old-cold-spoon trick. You know when you put 2 tablespoons in the fridge and then put it over your eyes to decrease the puffines? Only the coldness would go away in 2-3 minutes, as opposed to this mask which keeps cold/warm for 10-23 minutes depending on initial temperature.

Also the whole refreshing factor. Best way to relax, simply lie down, play some music and rest your eyes. After 10-15 minutes you will feel so much better. I am going to repurchase it for this factor alone. Really it works just like mediation. So if you're prone to work long hours with computers or just looking for an way to for relaxation or ease up the tense (lets face it, who doesn't?) I would highly recommend this Bodyshop Aqua Eye Mask. Also for people with puffy eyes, in the morning or before going to some events, taking 10 minutes for this mask would make a difference.  This re-usable mask is so worth the cost and the luxury, and then some.
Seriously, I dont do this, dont recommend any-universal product and insist Evonne to buy it, but I am doing this now. BUY IT.
You're welcome.

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  1. Nice one. Can u tell me please which eye cream/gell is good for dark circles?

  2. It's a very good one, am really loving it :?