Sunday, October 21, 2012

Conditioner Addict Anonymous

I am a conditioner addict. I use too much conditioner after I shampoo and even on the days I don’t shampoo…I don’t do any conditioner only wash, my hair is at its best with silicone, a lot a silicone.  Needless to say I buy a lot of conditioner, in fact everytime I go shopping I look for another conditioner to buy…unfortunately not all brands works with my hair. Here is why…

I have low 2b wavy Low Porosity hair.  That is when I do the porosity test (simply put a strand of your freshly clean hair on a cup or water or something) my hair floats forever. Which means two things:  1. my hair doesn’t need additional protein 2. my hair can hardly hold moisture. 


So protein based conditioners are pointless. Although I currently have a sauve matrix line protein conditioner which I use like once every blue moon. Also most deep conditioning treatment is mostly protein-rich so I try to find something which is rather hydrating not a protein-treatment. So I am currently using L’oreal Hair Spa which works fine.

Back to the Porosity factor, since my hair can not hold much moisture on its own, adding some kind of sealing agents is important so that my hair doesn’t look dry/frizzy and is in its optimal condition.  After trying a lot of different conditioner, I settled for Dove Nourshing Oil control series because it has added oil which helps to seal the water to some extent. I’m really partial to the whole brand and try a lot of different dove conditioners (currently also using moisturizing and hair fall ones). All of them gave me satisfactory results.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A.M. / P.M Skin Care Routine

A summery of my morning and evening skin-care ritual….I have extremely oily yet flaky and prone to pimple/spot skin. Therefore oil control is my number one priority, followed by some kind of skin/spot lightening.
Morning: I always wake up with extremely oily and somewhat flaky skin (maybe due to cell processing that happens during sleep). So I use C & C oil control facewash to start with. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found this f/w keeps my face oil free for the longest time.
Then, YC scrub to take care of any flakiness. It has extremely light beads and is ideal for everyday use. Also, love the smell.
Followed by Healthy Shop toner for more oil control and ph-balancing.
I use ponds white beauty as a moisturizer because it is the most mattifying one I’ve used so far.
For more protection, I use Ponds vanishing cream in the T-Zone. This is by far the best product i've used for oily skin. Ever.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hair Leave Ins

I have 2b wavy hair which i mostly wore straight with the help of rebonding/ iron/ blow dry plus processing with highlights, color you name it...until a year or two that is. Been keeping it natural since, with an occasional mild blowout once every month or two and came to apprecaite my loose wavy hair...right now my hair care routine simply means some sort of silicony shampoo + a lot of conditioner 2/3 times a week, weekly deep conditioning/ hot oil treatment and a lot of leave in serums/ spary/ cream etc whenever my hair feels unruly, frizzy, dull etc. They are like the holy grail for my are some of the products i've been using regularly

Avon Lotus Shine: this is so far the best hair leave in i've tried. ever. it makes my hair all frizz free and kind of princessy wavy...also can contribute to amazing blow out if needed.
Garnier fructis: I have a lot of variations of this leave-ins. In fact I have atleast 5-6 bottles lying around, i'm hoarding it lol. They are my most go-to everyday leave ins I put some after washing in my damp hair, i put some after waking up when my hair feels kind of dull, pretty much anytime i want to add some shine and more manageability to my hair.
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