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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ponds Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy UV Under-eye Cream Review

Ponds Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy UV Under-eye Cream is my current most fav. under-eye cream. Its about time I review it :)  It costs less than 800tk (around $10) and worth every penny.

It was two separate cream in one jar, hence the name duel action. One of the them is supposedly for the eye lids and one of them for the under-eye area. They have different color and functions...anyway more on that later.

So this is the cream

Must say the packaging is pretty cute. As with the whole age miracle line, it has a blood-red lid transparent container.
The label is on the bottom
Pull it off to get more info as well as the ingredient list. Check it out if you are interested, but from the look of it, its pretty simple and no questionable ingredient so far.
So when you take off the lid, there is one more plastic lid to keep the product from drying out. I found it extremely helpful because often I'm lazy to actually put the lid back tight enough.
So here is the actual product. See, two different cream organized with a separator. Neat! So now, the white cream is for the under eye area.  It claims to reduce puffiness and brighten the dark circles. I found the texture really thick and creamy. It absorbs really well. It also has a very slight tint which considerably and quickly brightens up my under-eye area
The pink part, however, is supposed to be used on your lids and has collagen and camomile extract which has anti-aging properties and would reduce wrinkles and crows feet. The texture is kind of a mix between gel and emollient. But its not oily, no, think eye primer. Totally that kind of texture.

Now I am in my mid twenties, so I dont really have crows' feet, not really. What I have is a lot of dark circle both above and bellow my eye and a thin wrinkle-line from my tear duct to somewhere in the middle under my eye. Like everyone else,when I smile the corner of my eyes crinkles and I am scared that it may lead wrinkles as well.

That was my eye without any product or make-up...You can see the wrinkle line. So I made some modifications as to how to use the cream.

So in this picture, the white line represent the white cream and the pink line represents the pink cream. Since I have dark circles all over my eyes, I put the white cream all over my eyes as well. Then I put on some of the pink cream close to my upper lid lash line(to prevent crows feet), on that under-eye wrinkle and corner of my eyes. Like I said, I dont have crows feet and many people are opposed to using anti-aging products on thier twenties but I believe prevention.Seriously, even really expensive cosmetics can not take off aging signs or wrinkles, the only option is surgery or botox. So I'd rather use anti-aging products from my mid twenties to prevent these as much as possible than to wait to do something when I finally get them. Ahnd I am much too paranoid about the delicate skin around my eyes anyways, I only put eyeliner or kajal like 2-3 times a month because of its affect on the skin.Yes, that paranoid. I swear. 

Again, it is just my personal opinion and if you are not comfortable with anti-aging product no worries, but keep in mind most of the under-eye creams are formulated with anti-aging products.

So anyway I just put on some white and pink (the usual way, use your ring finger, small dots and then message upwards, do not put any pressure of it will create lines) cream the way I described earlier and you can see the dark circle has brighten up also the pink creams kind of smooths out the wrinkles line.

And it is not temporary, I have been using this product for quite some time now and it really helped with my whole under-eye situation. I used to need a lot more skin corrector to do my make-up and now I can do with a bit for my under-eye area. Hell, I can even pull it off without any corrector just a tiny bit of concealer if I am not going for a totally flawless finish.

By the way it also has UV protection, which I think is another pro though no mention of SPF or anything.
However, this cream is not gel based and from my personal experience, I have seen gel based creams are more effective in taking off the puffiness of your eye than cream based product. So if you have puffy eyes but not much dark circle, i suggest you opt for a gel based product like Healthy Shop Under eye Gel.

A little goes a long way so mine lasts about 2-3 months, that is the white part, the pink part is never even halfway through and that is where another awesome pro comes into play. I was reading reviews on Ponds Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy UV Under-eye Cream and almost all of them exclusively mentioned this pro so I assure you I am not making this up. That is, remember when I said the texture and consistency of this product is exactly like an eye-primer? You can totally use the pink product as an eye primer!

And my my what an awesome eye primer it makes. Just see the texture.
Its really easy to blend, provides a smooth surface and helps to bring the true color of your shadows.
On the lower part I put on shadow after using the pink cream as a primer and you can see the difference. Trust me, I have used primers from different brands and very few of them come closer. Not only it helps with the pigmentation but also will take care of your eyes (since it is an under-eye cream specifically designed for your lids), how many primers can do that? remember, they are mostly make-up products not skin care products!

So this is why I rave about this product so much. I assure you I am not alffliated with Ponds comapny, nor do I sell this product. I just think its an awesome under-eye product (which actually works, since I have bought too many products that did nada). Plus, you get a primer for free.

So have you tried Ponds Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy UV Under-eye Cream yet? Do you agree with me? Do let me know :)
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