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Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to determine your skin's undertone color!

I was browsing through Facebook and had the idea for this post.

Undertone is one of the most important make-up secrets.  They can primarily be categorized as cool, warm and neutral.
  • Cool undertone: (they are mostly pinkish/ redish or blueish
  • Warm undertone: (they are yellowish or different shade of golden 
  • Medium or Neutral undertone: they are a mix between cool and warm undertones ( it is kind of hard to explain but you will know it when you see on) for example, olive color!
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From the color of your concealer to the color of your lipstick, under tones can make or break it. Undertones are the reasons some foundation matches your skin perfectly while some don’t. You need to know your undertone to conceal your under eye perfectly. To cover the veins of your face and give you that flawless finish, you need a skin corrector as well as concealer, and again the skin corrector will depend on your undertone.

It will also have an impact on your clothes and accessories color if you want to make the best of your appearance.

There is a number of ways you can determine your undertone.

Option 1: Most common practice is to observe your arms under sunlight. Your arms have very definitive veins. Now if these veins look bluish, you have a cool skin tone. If they look greenish or yellowish, you have a warm skin tone. And if they look a mix between blue and green you have neutral underdone.

Option -2: Undertone can also be generalized. Generally people with a certain eye and hair color have a certain undertone. For example, people with pale skin usually have pink (cool) undertones. People with brown skin generally have yellow (warm) undertone. Asian, South American people have more of neutral undertone.  But of course exceptions exist.

(Image collected from net)
Option -3: You can also decide your undertone examining the outside environment. For this test you need to pull back or cover all your hair with a white cap/scarf. Then take a white towel and place it around your face, neck. Your face should be something surrounded by white. Now see if your face has a bluish cast/ shadow/tone. Then you have a cool undertone. If your face has a yellowish cast/tone/shadow it is a warm undertone. If it’s some sort of greenish cast/shadow/tone, you have a neutral undertone.  

Option - 4: Undertone can also be deduced from metal ornaments. If metal that are white in color suits your most (for example silver, platinum, aluminum, white gold etc) you have a cood undertone. If metal that are of yellowish color suits you better (gold or bronze) you have a warm undertone.

Option -5: This is called a compliment test. It sounds silly but it has a potential. If you still cant decide what your undertone is, relay on others. If people say you look good in coolish color (pink/red/blue) you have a cool undertone. If they give you more complement when you wear warm colors (yellow / golden/ orange) you have warm undertone. If you look good with everything, you have a neutral one.

Remember most of the cosmetic companies have separate products for different undertone. Skin corrector is a good example of it. It is the product you’re put in your problem parts before concealer (for example under eye, around lips etc).  These skin correctors are already characterize by warm tone, cool tone, neutralize tone to give you that flawless finish.  You can also choose your blush colors depending on your undertone.
 (Image collected from net)

I have typical South Asian brown skin but with cool undertone. (Exception of that generalizing, see). For the longest time, I used foundations with yellowish tone and wondering why is it making me look so weird like I am suffering from jaundice or something. It wasn’t until I started using foundation with a hint of pink I got over that whole yellow cast thing and started looking more natural. So if any of you have been having the same problem, I hope this solves it for you. Happy undertone hunting!
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