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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to get rid of flaky skin, dry patches for perfect foundation

Yesterday I went to a party and did a full face. Primer (milk of magnesia), skin corrector, concealer, foundation, translucent powder etc. That is a lot of product.

I have really oily skin but with dry and flaky patches around my nose and on my chin. This has always been a mystery to me. People with dry skin may have dry flaky patches but how could my extremely oily skin get them? It is even worse during the winter when no matter how much moisturizer or even thicker option like almond oil I apply it is always flaking....

It may not be really noticeable inside the layers of moisturizers but with the application of foundation brings the worst of it. Even during the hot summer days, foundation makes my face look really flaky, dry and peeling at places.

I followed every steps mentioned in different beauty websites, blogs, forum and everywhere to get rid of this problem. I did a thorough exfoliation before using foundation. I went ahead did professional deep cleansing and facials a day or two before. I put on moisturizer even though I have really oily skin as it is. I kept changing my facial cleansers. I experimented with different kind of primers. I experimented with different kind of foundations. I used different kind of make-up setting spray. I would even apply a bit of moisturizer on the dry parts after I am done with my make-up (which would totally ruin the foundation but at least would look the skin a little less dry).

Nothing helped!!! My skin became more oily and the dry patches, flakiness and peeling stayed on.

That is until yesterday....

Yesterday my foundation was perfect. That was because my skin was perfect. It was smooth, not a single dry patch, no flakiness, all the products just glided on. I never never had any such experience before. Never had such airbrush-like perfect finish.

And it is all due to the oil cleansing method. My skin is so soft, no dry patches, no peeling, no flakiness, no skin bumps, no whiteheads or blackheads or anything. And I have only been doing this for 1-2 weeks. And not even regularly, like the way Oil Cleansing method recommends. Only once or twice a week And I still  use regular face cleansers....I am still getting all the benifits.

My Tips for getting rid of flaky skin, dry patches and for perfect foundation
  • Use oil cleansing method prior to your make up to clean your face, get rid of dead cells, dry skin patches and flakiness before you put-on make-up. You can use the standard practice for oil cleansing method or wash the oil  off with a gentle cleanser or whatever you prefer. No need to exfoliate before and you can use your regular make-up products (no need for over-hydrating specialized products specially if you have oily skin).
  • Use oil cleansing method to take off your make-up later.

Seriously girls, I cant stress this enough, just do this once. You will see the difference. You can even wash your face first with your regular cleanser and then do the whole oil cleansing method again and see the gunk and everything that comes out from your skin during the massage and on the washcloth. you will see for yourself how OCM compares to your regular cleansing methods.

I am so happy I found it...just wanted to share :) 
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  1. I think you have seborrhoeic dermatitis, I have it too. I get dry flaky patches around my nose and on my forehead and I can moisturize daily and exfoliate but they still won't go away. It feeds on the oil in your skin which is why you can have oily skin and still have dry flaky patches. It does get worse in winter too. Go to the chemist and get 3% hydrocortisone cream. It's not very expensive and smells nice. Put it on daily until the dry patches go away. You can't use it all the time though or it'll become less effective. I hope that helps! :)

  2. I have the exact problem. Slightly oily nose, sides of nose and forehead but really dry undereyes, cheeks and chin. I exfoliate, moisturise, use less makeup products, change to hydrating BB creams, CC creams, used sponge, brushes, mists and tried almost everything they advise on the internet but makeup still becomes embarrassingly scaly and patchy after one hour of my makeup. Right after I apply my makeup, it looks fine, but after an hour, skin looks scaly and scary. =(

    Tried oil cleansing method before reading your entry, with rosehip oil, argan oil, organic extra virgin oil it did make my skin less dry and a lot oily after applying makeup (which took away some of the patchiness but still slightly scaly) but made me break out after 1 week (I used OCM every night). Now is day 3 of breakout and I am trying to calm my skin down. =.(

    I don't used to have any problems with my skin, no dryness, no pimples, occasional blackheads and very slight redness around cheeks. But 2 years ago (I am turning 26) it starts becoming a mess everytime I apply my makeup.

    Spent a lot of money trying to fix this and it is really depressing and has become an obession of mine. I wish you could reply to help me out. What oil did you use, how much oil did you use and did you use any moisturiser and what is your regime?

    I feel tempted again to try OCM again after reading your success and maybe tweak the fine details this time (like doing it weekly instead of daily).