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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy 3 minute Cinnamon flower bun tutorial.

This is my first ever hair tutorial so go easy.

I am pretty fond of trying new hair-styles out (mostly from youtube tutorials), however I dont have that long thick (extension induced that is, I really hate the fact that I cant recreate most of these styles because I dont have extension) hair.

Enter my 8 year old cousin. She has the prettiest hair Masha Allah. She AGREES to be my model/Guinna-pig sometimes...
Also, she doesn't know how to stay still so all the pictures always come out kind of hazy

So I "invented" this bun when I was playing with my hair few months ago. It is pretty similar to the bun resulted from a rope-braid, only easier. And since it follows the principle of ballerina bun (twist and pin) and looks kind of like a flower, I named it Cinnamon Flower Bun

(Open in new window to view larger size)
So like I said, its really easy. 
1. Just start with brushing dry hair, add some anti-frozz or shine serum if you want to.
2. Take all the hair into a pony-tail and divide in two section.
3. Start twisting one section over another.
4. Keep twisting till the end. Secure with a hair-band. 
5. Twist it in a circle around the center like a  ‎Cinnamon bun. Secure it by inserting 2-3 bobby-pins into each individual twist to the back of your head (like you'd do for a Cinnamon bun)

That's it. This bun will hold forever. Looks really cute as well. The whole process doesn't take me more than 2-3 give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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