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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hair Style: Hair cut for round face, chubby cheeks, pear shaped face

I have a round face..with chubby cheek and barely any I do a lot of "research" on best hair cut to flatter round face make it a little less-round and add definitions.

So according to most of the hair and make-up stylists as well as my personal experience, the best way to counter-act a round shaped face, chubby cheek even a pear shaped face is to add volume on top.

This extra volume would totally give your shape more length and make it look oblong.

You can also add some un-even layers around your face which would hide the chubby-ness of your cheeks and making it look even less round

If you want a blunt cut, make sure to cut through your cheeks.

Just look at this two picture of Julia Stiles and see the difference made by blunt cuts. Cutting it through the cheeks really camouflaged the roundness of her face while keeping it in long layers up to chin or even more made it rather prominent.

If you must get a cut like that, atleast get longer fringes which will also camouflage the roundness to some extent.

Fringe or bangs is one of the amazing way to add volume on top of your head. For round shaped faces, it is recommended that you get a side-swept bangs.
Because straight blunt bangs will give round face more volume which is not desirable at all.

long side-swept bangs(starting from your eyebrow and bellow) would be the best way to go because it can add more volume compared to shorter ones.

If you prefer short side-swept bangs (upto your eye brows) add some layers around your face like we discussed before.

In this way whether you keep your hair up or down, the roundness will not be prominent.

If you have wavy or curly hair...keep it long...atleast upto shoulder length...short wavy/curly hair will make your face look more round.
However, if you have straight hair...keeping it short can be a great option for round face.

The reason being it can add the most volume and make the face look longer.

So if you a have round face, experiment with these styles until you can find the one suits you the most. I always take separate pictures for bangs, upper layers and actual haircut to my stylist and tell her to cut accordingly because I have found one single pre-deseigned cut (layer/ steps/ volume layer etc) are never good enough for me...but a combination of these styles made my face look acceptably less round.

Finally, one hi-5 to all you round face girls. I know most of you wish to have a thinner face, for the longest time I know I did. No matter what I did, nothing helped. No amount of diet or workout made my face look oblong or was always more or less round. I will just never have a perfect heart shaped or doll like oblong face...this is what it is!

But you know the end...we will be thankful for that. Because, * drum rolls* round faces are almost immune to wrinkles!! They will always look way younger than they actually are!! In fact people are injecting chemicals and botox into their face to make it look round and younger...hence the term pillow face

So be thankful to have a round face...just get a flattering haircut and learn some basic face contouring. Viola!!!

Let me know what you think....
(All the pictures are collected from Internet)

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  1. LOVE your post api!!! I've been struggling with my round face forever :( ONNEEEKK koshto kore finally I found a stylist who can cut my hair properly without me saying anything at all :) If you want, you can go to her too. Her name is Sabikun, she works at Prive. Ektu expensive (1200 taka) but totally worth it! She has a facebook page.. Go check it out :)

    One more thing.. api could you please do a post on contouring? Amar mathaye ekdom e dhukena :( Please help!! :(

  2. interesting, so u tell us what is desirable and what is not...