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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Garnier BB cream review

This is my first BB cream and so far I am pretty impressed.
Now there is a reason that I have waited so long to try a BB cream..I wanted to buy one of those Asian ones I have been hearing so much ravings..but when I saw this in India thought what the hell...Even though it is not technically the same version, I have heard good things about Garnier BB too...
I think this is also available here in  BD, no idea about the price though, I got mine in 199 Indian rupee. Now, as with any Garnier product, the packaging comes with a lot of info

I have always found some of these things a bit of exaggeration, no wonder there, they are trying to sell the product, but anyway there are also some useful facts, for example Vitamin C derivatives, which is a tested skin improvement agent. Also there are information on sunscreen, SPF25, which is not much for summer here in BD, but better than nothing.
More Info on BB cream and the ingredient list. Please open the image in a new window to view full size.

And then, there is more...
Here's the labels with basic how-to instruction and all. Anyway enough said, lets get on the to the real part shall we? The reason I have been taking 1-2 weeks to review this product was because I wanted to collect all the facts before presenting them to you all and here they are.
One squeeze gives enough product to cover your whole face. You can use even more, because its easy to build up, but you will not get any better coverage than, say, medium, no matter how much product you use. The texture is smooth, light and easily absorbed. Think, tinted moisturizer. Yes, you can simply apply it like a facial moisturizer, no need for sponge or brush or anything.  You can also see the shade looks a tad bit darker and warmer than my pinking undertone skin, but it has not been a problem.

See how it blends like a dream? I didn't use it over the whole area, just around my vein but the whole area looks pretty much the same. That is your coverage. Barely medium and a good match for my skin tone, even if I have cool undertones. I suppose this would work for any medium to fair shade really.

Also see how it can slightly cover the vain? Kudos to the coverage. Even with its medium coverage,.it seems to work well with hiding a bit of marks and undereye to some extent.

 Taken with flash, you can see how the area with BB cream on is slightly illuminated with light. Dont know about you, but I quite digged the effect.

Now it doesn't have a dewy finish. Some people have complained that their skin gets oily after 1-2 hours but mine didn't get oily yet, even without Milk Of Magnesia and I do have extremely oily skin. I have always used Maybelline Fit Me powder over the BB cream for finishing though so maybe that's something.

So would I recommend it for people? Yes ofcourse, whether you're looking for a bb cream medium coverage tinted moisturzier or even foundation, you can give this a try. It has only one shade, but still is pretty versatile and will match most of the medium to fair skin tone I guess. Its not really moistuzring, so if you have dry skin, you should apply some extra moistruzer before. For oily skin, however, you can use either milk of magnesia or a mattifying powder if you find this product a bit on the oily side.

I will definately repurchase it, thanks God its also available in BD now.

For the negative side, I do not think it has any skin improvement(may be it has some elements of Garnier's regular skin whitening cream included) or the other 100 qualities that those Asian
Asian BB creams has but to be honest I am skeptical about their advertisement as well..Can any skin care product really be that good? Someone I'm gonna order one of those and be done with it..but right now I am quite happy with something that costs about a fraction of their price and is still pretty darn good.

So what do you think? Do you want to give it a try? Do you have any question? Do share.
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  1. ohh!!! i love it smel...superr..& also g8 coverage.............. :)

  2. your blog is always so helpful! I have so much to ask you.

    will this bb cream wrk fr dark skin with yellow undertone? i am NC42(perfect)or nc40. thinking of buying a bb cream for day time natural looks. in my work foundation is too much! if I use it above corrector, you think it will be natural looking? without those, this coverage will not help me . can you please let me know from where did you get the nyx orange corrector and how much did it cost? Thanks :)