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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sunscreen 101

Basic Sunscreen and other products with SPF

I know a lot of people skip using an actual sunscreen because the product they use have some kind of spf on it. and lets face it, everything has spf these days. Moisturizer, foundations, bb creams, face powders, what not..but are they enough?

No they are not. Check the link: How much sunscreen should I use, and how often should I apply it?(

  • The golden rule of sunscreen is to apply liberally and frequently. That is, for face and neck you will need 1/6th to 1/8th of a tennis ball (or whatever amount you need to COAT your whole face/ neck, like 1-3 tablespoon) of product. 
  • Now when you're using another product with spf, suppose a bb cream, it has foundation, moisturizers, fillers and other ingredients. Taking all things in count, if are are using 1 tea-spoon of bb cream, it has only 1/6th or even less amount of sunscreen. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.  Think of it: 1/6th of a tea spoon VS 1-3 Table I said..not enough. So use an actual sunscreen and use a lot, even if you're using a product that has spf. 
  • btw you can use less product for higher spf, for example 2 tablespoon of 25 spf = 1 tablespoon of 50 spf sunscreen
  •  Also, you need to keep reapplying sunscreen every 2-3 hours. I recommend to use a cleansing wipes first to clean your face (wipe off the residue of previous sunscreen) and then apply sunscreen again to prevent layering and thus break-outs.  

Sunscreen for Eyes:
Another important tips on sunscreen, USE A UV protected sunglass because
  • a. we normally dont wear sunscreen around the eye area. It has more delicate skin so we go with eye creams and stuff but never body lotion/sunscreen right?
  • b. it is the 1st place that shows wrinkles...and the primary cause of wrinkles is not make-up or dryness or over processing of is SUN DAMAGE
  • c. even if you apply sunscreen on the skin, you cant apply it on your eyes and over exposure to UV can damage your retina too. And if you have sun damages skin, it will peel and heal but retina will not heal damage is done so remember that.
Also read this article for more

Sunscreen and Vit D Deficiency:  
If you're like me, trying to avoid staying in the sun much as possible and applying sunscreen religiously everytime you go out and re-aplying and re-aplying..there is a 50-70% chance you have vit D deficiency (other than sunlight exposure only some seafood, fish, egg yolk can provide vit D, but even that is not enough).
So do a vitamin D test (mine came out way way deficient, like normal range starts from 20 and above and mine was only 8 , talk to a doctor and incorporate some sort of Vit D supplement (these can be inject able/edible oils/pills). Do not self-medicate though, you need test result and a doctor to fix your dose. Vit D deficiency can cause a lot of problems including cardiovascular disease, Cognitive impairment, decline in bone health, hormonal problems. It will make you gain weight and make losing weight really difficult as well
Hope this helps
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  1. Great article! I also use my BB cream along with a sunscreen, it gives better protection :)