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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time to invest in some Cleansing Conditioner

Meet As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner, the next product on my to-buy list

Co-wash is the new rage. It is where you use conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair...

Why you ask? Well for one, shampoo strips off all the natural oils from your scalp and hair leaving it dry, brittle, vulnurable to shedding and breakage. Think about your skin after a harsh cleanser and not following up with moisturizer. Same principle really.

This is specailly applicable for curly/wavy hair ..that is how the whole no-poo movement came into place. That is, totally cold turkey on shampoo.. using either alternative shampoo or sulfate/silicone free shampoo

Please search net for more info on no-poo if you're interesed. But I will tell you one thing...all the people who have tried it or been trying it, 99% have experienced positive results. It is an amazing read.

I have also fiddled with the idea once. Now, I used baking soda for shampoo and & ACV as conditioner since its almost impossible to find silicone/sulfate free products here in bd...and while it did some amazing things for my hair (reduced hairfall, literally...made my hair pretty soft and thick) it also made my 2b slightly wavy hair a lot curlier and ended up not liking it.

Honestly my hair is at its best when its loaded with a lot of silicones, silicon-y shampoo, silicone-y conditioner, more silicone-y leave ins and such. It will have waves on , less frizz and a lot of shine, granted artifically added by all the silicone but I'll take it.

So I dont think I will ever actually stop using shampoo and convert to co-wash. However, shampoo and still bad and my washing-hair-every-other-day routine is just not working for me anymore. I love shampoo, I will always use shampoo but I would like to use it a little less...

So I have been both shampoo-ing and co-washing ...right now I am clenasing my hair with shampoo the first day, co-wash the next two days and shampoo again one 4th day of the week...cowash next two days and shampoo again..thus cutting shampoo-use from 3-4 times a week to two times a week..

And it is making a difference. Because conditioners CAN CLEAN hair...
"There is actually science and logic to support this hair care regime. Shampoos are typically composed of about 10-15% detergent. They use surfactants like Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate which do an excellent job of cleaning and removing oil from hair.
Conditioners also have detergents, but they are different than those found in shampoos. They use cationic surfactants (or quats) which have the tendency to stick to the hair, which is how they provide conditioning. Common quats are Cetrimonium Chloride or Distearyldimonium Chloride. They’re used at levels between 1% and 5%. Although they do stick to the hair, these ingredients also have the ability to cleanse the hair, which is why the no-poo washing system can work."

 So in one hand,  I have cut down the shampoo exposure and still getting rid of the excess oil which makes my hair lay flat and look greasy that would have resulted from washing my hair with only water.

But the conditioners I am using are just regular conditioners...because they are cheap, available and I am already using a silicone based shampoo and leave in products anyway...

Then I came across this cleansing conditioner..really high reviews, pretty darn cheap and well, it cant hurt, since I am already using conditioner to wash my hair, might as well make it official and invest in some actual cleansing conditioner.

Unfortunately I am pretty broke so will have to wait till June to order one..but rest assured I will reveiw and update the whole co-wash story when I get it.

So anyway, if you have dry-damages hair, or excess hairfall problem or any other problem really, cut down shampoo exposure, even give co wash or no poo a try if you me, it will make a difference.

So here's a picture of my 3rd day Co-wash'ed frizz and looks pretty healthy wouldn't you say?
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  1. You really should have been in the marketing business :\ Whatever you review, I feel like buying! I do not use foundations at all and still couldn't get the Revlon colorstay foundation out of my head at all!

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    I have nominated you for a blog award.. CONGRATS!!
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