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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Round face contouring example -1

Round faces, well, its just round. While it is good to have that much fat underneath the skin, make us look younger and stay younger and all, it can also be terribly boring. Contouring is an awesome way to add definition to round faces, if done properly that is.

I am always looking for good pictures that demonstrate good contouring technique and save them in my computer. Not an easy thing I assure you people sometimes just ignore to contour or sometimes do too much. Using wrong colors is another problem. Most people use blush which looks like red/pink etc etc and weird. Sometimes people use bronzers which has shimmer and also not natural enough!

(click on the picture to view full size)
Now Audrey (Emily Rose) always wears really nice contouring, wouldn't you say? Most of the youtube/blogger make-up artists do hard-core contouring they are just too much too prominent like a straight line across the cheek while contouring is supposed to be a shadow!! Dont even get me started on ramp or general models. They are so dramatic and so not practical.
This is perfect, triangular shape that accentuated the hollow, blended as if its natural and shows exactly where contouring should be in round faces (like yours truly)
*btw pardon the image quality most of them are vlcsnap
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