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Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to hide lip hyperpigmentation with a concealer

I have hyper-pigmented lips. Most of the time, I dont really bother much to do with anything about it and wear lipstick/tint/gloss/balm as it is (for example, see my MUA power pout swatches here), visible hyperpigmentation be damned.

But sometimes when I am going for really nude-ish color and want that pale look, hyperpigmentation can totally ruin the effect. That is where concealer comes in play.

I mostly use Golden Rose stick concealer on lips. Its available locally here in bd and is pretty cheap as well. I have tried numerous other concealers but none of them really manage to produce quite the same result. And they all come with baggage.
For example, coastal scent's eclipse palate, too much hassle to work with brush and blending. Loreal visiblelift, too liquid and doesn't stay put. MUA pro base, too creamy, both the concealer and lipstick just slide off. This one is totally matte, stays put and I just apply it like a lipstick and blend.

So the process is pretty straight forward. First I apply some lip-balm, keep it on for 3-4 minutes and then take it off with a tissue paper. It will help to prevent dryness. But make sure you took off all the residue from the balm or the concealer wouldn't set well.

Then I apply the concealer stick directly. I simply dab it a few times if I am wearing light/nude colors. If I apply it on whole lips like a lipstick, it will totally make my lips too pale and the lipstick color would look whitish. But for dark colors, it is not much of an issue.

Then I simply use my fingers to blend it. Doesn't take much effort. Wait one minute and take a tissue paper to hold it between the lips to take off any extra residue. Then apply the lipstick

Viola! No hyperpigmentation whatsoever! Use this trick if you have hyperpigmentation, it is not a permanent solution, but it works.

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