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Friday, October 25, 2013

How to prevent dry hair and split ends during the winter season

Brace yourself, winter is coming...and its bringing all the dryness in the world to play havoc on skin/hair/lips you name it. So do you suffer from dry hair during the winter? Dry hair is more prone to stretch and damage. It will also lead to way more split ends than usual.
Here is a simple trick to prevent that from happening.
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Use hair oil. Duh, everyone knows that..but here is the trick. Use hair oil after you shampoo and before you conditioner.

Not a lot, mind you. Just 1-3 drops would suffice. Keep the oil in small container (which has a dropper) near your shampoo.  So everytime you shampoo your hair during winter, step out of the shower, take 1-3 drops of hair oil on your palm, warm it up by rubbing your hands together and just run your hands through your length. Dont worry about the coverage, the water on your hair will evenly distribute the oil throughout your length. But only apply oil on your lenght though, that is from you ear and down. Scalp produces enough oil on its own and adding more may make it greasy.

Why you ask? Its very primitive. Our scalp naturally produces oil to prevent dryness but when we shampoo our hair, it strips off oil the oil. So we use conditioner to put some moisture back on. But conditioner can only do so much, it can coat the hair to keep some moisture and prevent from damage but its not  really OIL. So if you apply oil, you're making sure that you're putting some oil back to your hair which was stripped off by shampoo therefore keeping the dryness at bay. 

After that, process with conditioner.

Conditioner has cleansing properties so dont worry about the greasiness. It will take off the excess oil residue from the hair. Still it may take some practice as to how much oil you need. Depending on your lenght and should be around 1-3 keep experimenting, if your hair feels dry add a drop and if it feels greasy vice verse and eventually you'll get the hang of it.

If you're still uncomfortable with apply a few drops on your whole length, just do it for the ends. It will go a long way help to prevent split ends.

Another very important point is, by applying oil immediately after shampoo, you're giving it easy access to your hair. Most of the time we apply leave-ins or oil after you shampoo and condition, maybe dry off our hair a bit right? Now when we use a conditioner, it simply coats our hair. Think of it like a barrier. So after that, if you try to apply oil, it doesn't get unobstructed access to hair shaft. The conditioner is coating them and the oil only adds to that therefore making hair greasy and weighted down. Now when you wash your hair with shampoo, every strand is clean and oil can easily penetrate into the hair shaft making it stronger and moisturized.

Also oil works better when your hair is wet or damp so there is that...

The kind of oil you're applying plays and important factor here. Virgin coconut oil would be your best bet since it can penetrate hair shaft like nothing else. It is also very light, 1-3 drops wont cause any problem. If you cant find virgin coconut oil, use regular coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin e oil, grapeseed oil or any light oil. It may not penetrate the hair shaft much, but it will still moisturize. Dont use heavy oil like olive oil or castor oil though, it is just asking for gease.

And if you use this tips, go easy on hair leave-ons later. You may find you need to use less or not at all because the hair is already moisturized. DO NOT APPLY OIL (ie follow this tip or use anything with oil in it) IF YOU ARE GOING TO APPLY HEAT(hair blower/irons) TO YOUR HAIR LATER, it will fry the hair beyond repair. Why dont just lay off those during the winter? Your hair will thank you for that...

I have been following this for 1+ month and loving it. My hair feels well moisturized and less frizzy. I can even skip anti-frizz serum later with no problem at all... So anyway let me know if you have any question or comment

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