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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cheap and effective almost identical Sigma Spa Brush cleaning glove DUPE!!!!

How do ya'll clean your make-up brush? Me I used to mix face-wash and toner with warm water and saturate the brush in the mixture for 15-20 minutes but it takes time and effort. So obviously when Sigma came out with the spa brush cleaning glove, i was intrigued....

But paying $35 for this was never an option, but fortunately I found a very cheap and effective almost identical dupe for Sigma Spa Brush cleaning glove muhahaha

Now, I cant take credit for discovering this gem though, came ac cross the idea and the product link from the MakeUpSavy blog. Basically it is a silicone over mitts sold via ebay (link here) which is quite identical to Sigma's "glorified" brush cleaning glove.
When I ordered, the price was only 2.95 pound but now I see its around 3.18. Still not at all expansiveness considering the service rendered if you ask me 
 See here how the glove is advertised as oven glove, we how ever have different ideas!!! The glove itself is made of 100% silicone with 11*6 dimension. Instead of Sigma's fancy round and line textures, it has different sizes of and upward v texture which can be used for cleansing different size of brushes.
As for the other rinse, refine etc options, I just had to improvise.

Now for the first test, I tried to clean my MUA stripling brush. I mostly use it for blush/bronzer and as and last time I cleaned it was two application earlier so it got quite dirty. I used one of the body shop face washes as the cleanser but I suppose make-up cleanser, brush cleanser, baby shampoo etc all would work just fine.
I used very light painting like motion left to right only 2-3 times and the make-up residue stopped coming. Seriously!!! It took me only 2-3 seconds to clean the whole brush.

Then I used clean running water to make sure all the cleanser are really gone, light re-shaped the brush just like I would if I cleaned the brush with water solution. Look how clean it looks!!!

In fact I went ahead and washed all the brushes that required cleaning and it took me less than  5 minutes. I let them dry at 45 degree angle, its really important because if you let your brush dry at 90 degree the water may damage the glue and if you let them try lying down the some may loose the shape, so 45 degree it is.

Overall I am really impressed with the glove, not only it drastically cut down the cleansing time, it also made the whole process a lot easier and less messy. And silicone are very resilient so I am hoping this glove would last me a long time. For that money, it is really a great steal.

So I will highly recommend it to everyone, give it a try. Even if you dont like washing your brushes with a glove, you can always use it as a oven glove lol. So what do you have to lose?
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