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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sleek blush by 3: Lace and Pumpkin - Review/s

If there is only one type of make-up I could pick, I would pick blush. I love blush. I am almost never without a bit of color on my cheeks. Never!!
Now, I have medium-subcontinental-olive-ish skin-tone and never really liked pink blushes much. Different shades of orange, on the other hand, work out so well.  In fact they are all I ever apply these days..
So naturally, I had to get two famous Sleek's famous blush by 3 palettes for orange shades, Lace and Pumpkin.

Sleek's blush by 3 is a palette of 3 blushes, two matte and one shimmery. They have 6 of such palettes, Flame, Lace, Pink Spirit, Pumpkin, Sugar and Sweet Cheeks. Because of the orange shades, I choose Lace and Pumpkin but you should check out the other shades as well, all of them are absolutely breath-taking.
The blush on the top is Lace and the other one is Pumpkin. The shades may seem really close to you at first glance, but its really not the case.

According to sleek  "With three complementary shades each designed with its own unique finish, from rich shimmers to intensely deep and bright show stopping matte shades. Heads will turn! Blush by 3 in Lace/Pumpkin is perfect for all skin tones, offers a matte or shimmery highlight finish. For extra 'wow' apply Glo Face and Body Highlighter with a small powder brush carefully sweeping along the top of your cheekbones. Blush by 3 is available in 5 unique colour combinations designed to suit all skin tones, and available in a small compact with a mirror, perfect for on-the-go application. Store in a cool dry place.
20g/ 0.68oz.
Not tested on animals."
The 3 shades from lace is called Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly and 3 shades from Pumpkin are Lantern, Squash and P-Pie. Interesting names, no?
In terms of coverage, lets just say Lace is less intense than Pumpkin. You can pick up any of the shades for regular use,  specially day-time use for a nice and subtle touch. Pumpkin, one the other hand, should be used with a light hand because the colors are very bright and not at all discrete. Would be best for night looks or when you're going for a really flushed look or something.

Swatch for Sleek blush by 3 lace. Crochet, is a very sweet and mild orange, my most favorite shade from the palette so far. It can be applied lightly for a barely-there look or gradually build-up for better coverage. Guipure is a light pink shade with mild shimmer, it can be used alone though it is kind of hard to build-up. Also can be mixed with the matte shades to add some glitter or on top of the blush to be used as a pink highlighter. Chantilly is a an interesting shade, kind of hard to describe, a mix between orange and red maybe.  It is the most intense shade on the palette and would look good on any skin tone. This is one of the things I like about these sleek palettes, the different shades provide options for all kind of skin-tones. For example, crochet would be best for medium to dark while Gaipure would work better with fair tones..and like I said, chantilly is ideal for any kind of skin tone.

Swatch for Sleek blush by 3 Pumpkin, you can already see the intensity of these shades. Lantern is a close match for Chantilly, only a lot amp-ed up and a touch more of red. Squash is light pink, very pigmented and less shimmery as opposed to Gaipure. And P-Pie is a totally a different kind of orange compared to Crochet, bit on the yellow side, the color kind of reminds me of turmeric while Crochet was closed to peach. All of these 3 shades would go with any skin tone in my opinion.

Here are the ingredient lists, which are pretty much identical for both palettes. No drastic elements like paraben, which is obviously one of the major pro for these products. Other positive sides would be awesome coverage and pigmentation, 3 shades provide more option/variations, long lasting, feels very light on skin and ideal for oily skin, even the shimmery ones. etc.
And at £9.99 you're getting 3 different blushes, so obviously they are very economic too. Dont forget there are always sales and different offers you can take advantages of as well.
The only thing I do not like about these palettes are, even though they are powder and pretty easy to apply, as opposed to cream blushes, you need some practice because most of them are really pigmented and if not-used cautiously with light hand, you may end up looking like a joker. I recommend a fan brush to apply and then blend with a clean kabuki or face brush. Skip the blush brush because you may apply too much product.
Other than that, really, these blushes are great and I would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation. Whether you have fair or dark skin tone. oily or dry skin or are looking for intense or subtle coverage, these palettes would work for you. So go ahead and get one for yourself, not necessarily these two but any of the Sleek blush by 3 pallets really. It will most definitely be a staple of your make-up bag I promise.

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  1. I think this is my favorite out of all the blush by 3 palettes! The colours are so loud and pretty.

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