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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A.M. / P.M Skin Care Routine

A summery of my morning and evening skin-care ritual….I have extremely oily yet flaky and prone to pimple/spot skin. Therefore oil control is my number one priority, followed by some kind of skin/spot lightening.
Morning: I always wake up with extremely oily and somewhat flaky skin (maybe due to cell processing that happens during sleep). So I use C & C oil control facewash to start with. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found this f/w keeps my face oil free for the longest time.
Then, YC scrub to take care of any flakiness. It has extremely light beads and is ideal for everyday use. Also, love the smell.
Followed by Healthy Shop toner for more oil control and ph-balancing.
I use ponds white beauty as a moisturizer because it is the most mattifying one I’ve used so far.
For more protection, I use Ponds vanishing cream in the T-Zone. This is by far the best product i've used for oily skin. Ever.

Then the Garnier undereye roll on, which is lightly tinted therefore can provide some coverage as well as nourishment.
Finally some kind of tinted chapstick (like labello)

Evening: Since oil control is not an issue when I’m about to sleep, I go for somewhat heavy-duty stuff
First, deep cleanser like Neutrogena Deep clean or Garnier cleansing milk. If I’m experiencing any kind of skin problem, I opt for C & C pimple clearing f/w.
Again Healthy shop toner. I always always always use a toner or astringent after i clean my face, a must for dealing with oily skin.
Then bit richer moisturizer like Olay which i really like but can never put on during the day without looking really shiny and greasy as hell.
Also a richer under eye cream like Neutrogena, no concealing coverage but wont need it anyway.
And a richer lip balm like lip butter, something that, again, I can never put on during day only overnight.
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