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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hair Leave Ins

I have 2b wavy hair which i mostly wore straight with the help of rebonding/ iron/ blow dry plus processing with highlights, color you name it...until a year or two that is. Been keeping it natural since, with an occasional mild blowout once every month or two and came to apprecaite my loose wavy hair...right now my hair care routine simply means some sort of silicony shampoo + a lot of conditioner 2/3 times a week, weekly deep conditioning/ hot oil treatment and a lot of leave in serums/ spary/ cream etc whenever my hair feels unruly, frizzy, dull etc. They are like the holy grail for my are some of the products i've been using regularly

Avon Lotus Shine: this is so far the best hair leave in i've tried. ever. it makes my hair all frizz free and kind of princessy wavy...also can contribute to amazing blow out if needed.
Garnier fructis: I have a lot of variations of this leave-ins. In fact I have atleast 5-6 bottles lying around, i'm hoarding it lol. They are my most go-to everyday leave ins I put some after washing in my damp hair, i put some after waking up when my hair feels kind of dull, pretty much anytime i want to add some shine and more manageability to my hair.

Soft And Bright: I love the smell. It doesn't give a lot of frizz control but makes my hair really soft so that's something.
Dove: It can be kind of oily at times, therefore i only use it in damp hair, freshly washed and conditioned. Its really a great product though helps to tame the volume of my hair which and ofcourse with amazing packaging.
Loreal studio Smoothness: it doesn't really do anything except making my hair really really shiny..
Lolane: I have had it for some time now. helps with detangling and gives my hair kind of a shape i mean works like a light weight gel.
by the way I dont like gel, mouse, pomade etc makes me hair really heavy and leaves residue in my fingers everytime i touch my hair, which i tend to do a lot :|
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  1. appi .. it was a helpful review ...
    can you suggest where can I get Avon Lotus Shine & how much it may cost ?

  2. Hi, I got this from ebay ( I have a paypal so i can order stuff from ebay but products often get lost during delivery so I think I will ask all the facebook pages selling US products if any of them will take order for Avon after I ran out of my current stash
    Hope that helps :)