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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Always wash your face after you wash off hair conditioner to prevent facial breakouts

Often, people shampoo their hair first and put on conditioner and then go about washing. scrubbing body, face etc to get the conditioner to stay on for the longest time possible. I used to do this to. Until I read the danger of it in one of the dermatology websites.

Hair Conditioner, is a super thick compound which has silicone, different kind of hair moisturizer (which may or may not be 100% oil free) plus other chemicals. It can not be totally removed only by water. This is the whole point of putting conditioner on your hair actually. Even after you wash it off very well with water, it will still be coating your hair to prevent it from damage and making it shiny, soft, etc.

Which is all good, except when you are washing your hair, some water will inevitably pass through your face. Conditioner diluted water. Just like your hair, it will also leave a residue on your skin, on your face and even on your neck and body. Now since the residue is not much, it should not create any problem for body, but for face it is a different story. Even a tiny bit of leftover residue can lead to break-outs.

So even after you are done washing your hair and everything, the conditioner residue on your face will still be there, since we already established that water alone can not remove conditioner residue completely. You will not see it, you may not even feel it, but it will be there.

This is why after you washed your conditioner off, and stepped out of the shower, wash your face with a facial cleanser. Not before. And after you already stepped out of shower, that is, you can no longer get water to come in contact with your head and hair, because then some water will again pass through your facial skin and will again carry some conditioner residue.

Pay special attention to your hair line and forehead, these parts are most vulnerable to conditioner residue. Conditioner residue is one of the reasons for inducing breakouts on these area in the first place, mostly because this whole thing is often over-looked.

Remember your facial skin is the most vulnerable skin on your body, so always be aware what you are exposing this area to, intentionally or unintentionally. That's All. Questions and comments are most welcome.

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