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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Healthy Shop White Face Sea Salt Scrub: Short Review

Like almost everyone else, I had also been struggling to use Healthy Shop White Face Sea Salt Scrub...I got it when I got a bunch of Healthy shop goodies few months back...I normally like H S skin care products a lot...not quite the international standard like Body Shop or Lush but definitely better than the products available here in Bangladesh.

However, this is the first product from this brand which was a huge disappointment. It just too much. The color blue is too weird. Blue!! I kid you not.

The salts are too strong. Burnt like hell the moment it touched my skin. I washed off right away but still ended up with rash and allergy-like reactions. And I do not even have sensitive skin.

I tried to use it on body. Again, not a good is quite drying even for body. I have previously used Healthy Shop Body Salt and trust me, even that was less drying than this stuff. And it was made for face!!!

So I just left it to rot thinking yet-another-product-I-am-never-gonna-use..but then the other day I was giving myself a mini-home-pedicure (which simply consist of a warm soak in handwash-dilluted-water, scrubbing followed by moisturizing with body butter) and had a light-bulb moment when I saw this in my scrub stash.

So used it to scrub my feet instead. And guess what. It was awesome!!!!! I didn't even had to use a pumeric stone, it took care of all the dry skin buildup and everything. My feet were as soft as a professional-time-consuming scrubbing.

That's not all, I believe since it has Alpha Hydrochloric Acid, it helped with the sun tan. Serioously, with every pedicure, my feet are looking brighter. I also had some discoloration on the fingers which are fading pretty nicely.  Now, I am doing this mini-pedis like twice a month...amd I am quite sure I dont even need to go to a saloon to get a professional one as my feet as so soft and healthy as it is.

Anyway, here I thought I'd have to throw away this scrub and be done with I think I am going to repurchase again. So, if you have any of these laying around, just use it on your feet and see the difference. Hope this helps....

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