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Monday, April 1, 2013

Avon ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment Review

Okay. This is my most fav hair leave-in in the world but I wont necessarily say this is the best leave in the world because I think just as with any other Avon product, it can be a hit or miss. Just read the Make Up Alley reviews, not really that great are they? But there are also tons of youtube and blog reviews that raves about the product, so yes, it all comes down to individual hair types, it suits some and doesnt suit the others.

So here is my holly comes with a very sleek box and the bright orange color is really tempting. The graphics designer inside me loves it.

The label comes with short description and instructions using with multiple languages. Pretty basic stuff.
The interesting fact is it claims to keep the hair frizz-free for 2-3 days, even after multiple washes. And I have seen it work. I have used it, shampood and conditioned my hair as usual on the next day, and my hair was still better than normal. But only works if you use mild shampoo love Sauve. On the other hand can cause build up because its so hard to remove, so after 3 days I'd use a clarifying/ purifying shampoo to make sure all the residue is taken care of. 
Also the ingredient lists. There is a lot of silicone, as expected, but my hair love silicones it is at its best behavior when it has a lot of cones.
So here's the product. Like I said, pretty orange, right?
I know its a pretty small container, but it lasts for ages. Because all I need is a little bit of pea size product, to cover my shoulder length 2b hair. I have had this for almost an year now, and this is my 3rd one.
You need to be a bit careful though because often the container discharges more product than necessary. I would love to have it in a plump container instead of old-squeeze one.

Here's the actual product. Totally transparent, not really that heavy but does leave somewhat of a residue on the hand, so again, be careful with the amount. I have seen a lot of people complaining that it makes the hair kind of greasy but I think the trick lies on the quantity. You need to find the perfect amount that will successfully cover all your hair but that all. In my personal experience, any hair leave-in, if used in excess, can make your hair greasy.

So here is a rundown of how I mostly use this product:
  • On freshly washed and conditioned hair as a leave-in. Just a little bit on damp hair and then use a wide tooth comb. Airdry. Gives my hair kind of princess-y waves. frizz-free!!! I mean I have other leave-ins which can tame the frizz to some extent, but nothing works like this one. That three day frizz-free claim is quite right. Since the product is really costly, I only use it when I want my hair to feel special but too lazy to do anything about it.

  • Pre blow dry serum. It works as a heat protector. It makes the blow drying process a hell lot easier. I have used this serum and other serum pre-blow dry and the difference is pretty clear. And ofcourse, it keep the hair frizz free...i think my blow dried hair is most prone to frizz than any other state and this serum has been a life saver.

  • Second day leave in. Depending on the weather, my hair goes all poof when I wake up in the morning second day after shampooing. So I'll just use a bit of this on my hair first thing in the morning, and its all good. 

Anyway, here is a picture of my waves after applying Avon ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Frizz Control Lotus Shield and air dried hair. See how defined and so-not-frizzy my length looks? Trust me, its a miracle. The biggest problem with my hair is not dryness or hair fall or whatever, its frizz. And I do not think I can live without this product.

The only problem with this product is its kind of costly(sells for 12$ on Avon's website, and even more if you want to buy it through facebook pages), compared to my other go to hair leave in serums like Dover, Garnier, V05 etc. Also can cause buildup so you'll need to use a purifying/clarifying shampoo to take it completely off. Oh it can be quite greasy if you use too much.

So I would totally recommenced it to anyone who is suffering from frizz in this summer. Feel free to ask for further info if you're interested...
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  1. Whats a purifying shampoo apu?? are samples available??

  2. whats a purifying shampoo apu?? and are sample size available??

  3. Purifying or clarifying shampoo are used to clean build up apu..everything you use, conditioner, leave in, mousse, gel etc has silicone and other compounds that can cause build up in your hair and scalp. normally shampoo should be pretty gentle, that it will clean all the oil and stuff but will not strip off your hair completely of everything. you'd need a purifying shampoo to get it 100% clean..but dont use this kind of shampoo more than once or twice a month..
    dont think sample size is available for this avon product..i mean they give sample in their shops sometimes but not online