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Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Highlight your face: Following the traingle method

So a lot of people have been asking me about how to highlight your face and when I try to explain the triangle method they look at me funny I made this tutorials to explain.

It is pretty easy. And work with every face shape..because you're not just taking a random point and using it for all face for all face shape but working with specific points ( eyes, nose etc) of your face which may differ from face shape to face shape. So it is really versatile.

Before I begin, there can be a lot of ways to highlight your face. You can use a cream highlighter or a foundation, after you apply foundation or even before you apply foundation, specially if the cream highlighter or foundation is tad too light and you need help blending.
If you are using a powder highlighter, you should apply it after foundation>blush/contourer or any other creamy product that you're> compact or setting will last long this way.
You can also use both a cream foundation/highlighter and a powder highlighter if you're going for a night party look.

So I mostly do highlighting after correcting> concealing> foundation> contouring(blended) and then highlight

I use a foundation 3-4 shades lighter than my skin and a concealer brush to trace the region and fill it up. And this is how I trace (Open the image in a new window to see the original size)

  1. Face after corrector>concealer>foundation>contouring..take some product on a concealer/eye shadow brush
  2. Connect the outer corner of your left to the leftmost end of your nose
  3. Repeat the same step for the outer corner of your right eye. 
  4. Extent the line that ended on the left end of your nose to your left of your cupid bow
  5. Do the same thing for your right part 
  6. Draw a two straight line on your chin parallel to cupid bow (like this picture) can also make it wider even you whole chin, it really depends.
  7. Draw a straight line on your forehead so that it touches the highest point of both the arches of your eyebrow. Again, you increase the width...a lot of people highlights the center of  their forheads and connects it to this line...
  8. Connect the left end of the line you just draw to the outer corner of your left eye.
  9. Do the same for the right eyes.
  10. There you go..this is basically the infamous triangle all you need is fill it up and the blend blend blend. Remember to get the under eye part..even if you used a get that Kim Kardashian glow)
  11. Remember, not to mess up your contouring lines on the nose (this is why I prefer to do the contouring for nose you would only highlight the area between the contouing lines). I also like to go over the whole thing with a powder highlighter after i am done with highlighting>blush>compact for heavy night looks
  12. Finally, starting from the leftmost point of your eyes to to 1/2 inch bellow your left eye, you can use some heavy duty highlighter in circular motion. This area is known as the zygomatic arch, and applying highlighter over this area will make you glow specially when light hits your face giving it a really really cool effect (try it!) 
In this way, all the attention will  be on the center of your face (on the triangle!), which is specially helpful for square or round face shapes. Again, blending is the key...there shouldn't be any harsh line. The triangle wouldn't look obvious. 

So this is how I highlight my face. Remember, this is just one of the million ways to do it. You can watch and try tons and tons of youtube videos to find out which one works the best for you. But let me know if you have anymore question anyway :)
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