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Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY AHA watermelin-lemon Face Mask

Remember my post on how to make home made DIY face mask...recap here

Here's a fun demonstration of one of my most fav recipee of summer: Watermelon and lemon AHA face mask.

The solution is really watery so you will need compressed face mask to apply it. By all means, you can simply splash the juice on your face but it will dry up in like 2-3 minutes and for AHA to work on your skin, that is to exfoloitae, to brighten up, to remove sun tan, to fade marks, to reduce the apperacnce of pores, to help with break outs, to help with anti-aging thing (yes AHA does all google if you dont believe me) you need to give it a little more time...
Thats where the compressed face mask comes into can drench it with the juice and apply the mask on your face and the skin will be in contact with the juice aka AHA. You can keep the face mask on for 30-40 minutes or until dry and AHA will have that much time to work on magic.

So here is your basic water melon lemon solution. I simply squeezed a piece of water melon (about 6-7 table spoon of juice) and one forth of a small lemon (1 table-spoon). Water melon is really mild, if your skin can not stand the strongher lime based fruit juice ( lemon, lime, orange) you should go with water melon. However, to get the full benefit of AHA, you would need strong acidic fruits ( again lime based fruit, grape even apple) this is a middle ground. You have your regular acidic fruit, lemon juice and mild highly hydrating fruit like water melon. I normally use a lot more lemon (about 50-50) because my skin can stand it...its conditioned to acidic juice...but for a beginners, I suggest to start slow, half or a table spoon of lemon juice.

Also notice the compressed face mask in the packet? I bought 50 of them from ebay for 7-8 pound I think..they are a life-saver.

Now when you take it off the packaging and drop it on the juice, it will absorb the juice. Its quite fun to watch. I wasn't planning to capture the animation so I didn't really kept my hands excuse my stupid gif..but here's an attempt.

LOL, fun, yes? Eventually it will be totally saturated with the juice.

So now you straight the mask out, put it on your face, wrap some napkins around your neck, because some of the juice will drip..and wear it for 20-40 minutes..Lie down and rest, though I always find it tedius...Enjoy your favorite TV show, I watched the whole episode of person of interest yesterday while i was doing this mask..

Anyway, take it off, wash off with water (not cleanser) will look brighter immediately...follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Remember AHA will make your face vulnurable to tan so you should do it at night. If apply this juice during the day time, then go out, wash off your face with cleanser to make sure all the acidic residue is gone..then apply some strong sun screen...otherwise all the brightening effect that AHA produced all will be gone.Do this once a week to improve the texture, condition, tone of your skin. I can personally vouch that this, not only water melon and lime, any fruit juice really, works.

So treat your skin with some fruit juice today...and dont forget to drink a loads. All Hail summer fruits.

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