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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Vit C serum: Update

Here's is an update and a simplified version of my previous DIY Vit C serum formula 
You can use either pure vit C powder/ ascorbic acid or vit C ampoule, whatever you prefer or have access to

Using vit C ampoule:
you'll only need
1. 500 mg of Vit C liquid
2. Distilled water/ if you have oily skin you can also use witch hazel
3. Light oil (like almond/vit e/ grape seed oil), this is optional only for dry/normal to dry skin

  • Step 1: break the ampoule on the top and put the liquid in a clean container.
  • Step 2: fill the now-empty ampoule with water or witch hazel and add that water/witch hazel to the container. Do it 3 times. If you have oily skin and have witch hazel you can also use it, but dont use only witch hazel, mix it with water, like 1 ampoule of witch hazel and 2 ampoule of water etc
  • Step 3: if you have dry/ normal to dry skin add half a table spoon of light oil to the container. Shake well before use.
  • Step 4: Apply this after you wash your face, just a few drops should cover the whole face. Wait atleast 15 minute before you proceed with moisturizer.  
Thats it. Keep it refrigerated. you can use it for 6 days tops. After  that make a new batch.

Use this ratio for 5-6 months. Then go to 2:1. That is for each ampoule of vit C use only two ampoule of water ( fill the ampoule twice only). DO NOT INCREASE THE POTENCY ANYMORE THOUGH.

Using vit C powder:
You'll need:
1. Ascorbic Acid powder
2. Distilled water/ if you have oily skin you can also use witch hazel

  • Simply take a pinch of vit c powder on your palm and add some drop of water/witch hazel to it. Apply. Pure ascorbic acid will absorb instantly.  
  • Or you can just add a pinch of vit C powder to you day moisturizer/ night moisturizer and apply that. This is what I do

For more formulation please visit make-up-alley's DIY Vit C page...almost everyone has thier own formula for it. So whatever works for you.

I have used the first version ( using ampoule) for 7-8 months on a regular basis then switched into the 2nd one during last month and I can personally say both works. I only changed because making serums every 5-6 days was getting kind of tiring...

It changed the look and feel of my skin. I sometimes skip it during the day, specially if i am going out since vit c can increase sun sensitivity but  I have been applying it religiously the nights I do not use Retin-A. And wake up with glowing, plumped, soft and clearer face. Seriously! Not only it helped to improve the texture of my skin, it also helped to fade my tan/marks. So give it a try, you will begin to see improvements in 2-3 months Insha Allah

Let me know if you have any question or query about this

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