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Monday, July 22, 2013

MUA power pout Review/Swatch: Justify, Broken Hearted and Runway

I bought 3 MUA power pout lipstick/lip-balm a while ago. Swatched immediately. Fell in love with them immediately. However, after using a month or two, I am having some second thoughts. So time to review.

According to MUA, these are "MUA Power Pout is a lip treatment with colour intensity that relieves dry, cracked lips providing immediate moisturisation. The handy pencil-style applicator provides easy to apply sheer soft lip colour and rolls up for easy use."

I'll say these are pretty much their attempts at recreating drugstore version of Clinique Chubby stick. Ofcourse MUA is not alone, almost all the drugstore brands are doing so. But at £3.00, MUA is certainly one of the cheaper but quality option among them. More over I got mine in a 2 for 3 offer so it was even a better deal. Ofcourse, I live in a country where there is no online shipping and all the transport cost and extra charges made these costly nevertheless, I think it cost me about 1100-1200 taka for these three.

Initial reaction as follows. The first thing I notice is the scent, its pretty intense minty flavor makes me almost lick it lol. The texture is really smooth and light, smoother than lip balm almost like oil, just glides through my lips. So obviously it is really hydrating, I'd say almost same as my general lip balms...only better as its with more color. Though I wouldn't call it really pigmented, it has color pay off yes, but if you have hyper pigmentation, I have some, it will show. I dont really mind, it makes my lips look rather natural, but if you want 100% coverage this is not for you.The staying power okay, I drank water and ate food and it didn't transfer much to the glass...and after 2 hours there is a nice stain..even when i wiped it off with tissue paper, there was still a bit of stain..but ofcourse it is a lip balm not a lipstick so do not expect it to last for hours.

Here are the hand swtaches... From top, clockwise: MUA power pout Runaway, Broken hearted and Justified. Runaway has more intense color and pigmentation then broken hearted or justify which are pigmented yet see through more like tinted lip balms.

Lip swatch for MUA power pout, Runaway I'll say shadewise runaway is something between red and orange with a slightly blue hue. Very bright, like I said, more pigmented and intense than the other two. Will look really nice on anyone. You can build up the intensity and pigmentation as you want.

Lip swatch for MUA power pout broken hearted, it is a typical pink-mauve type shade. I'll say this is pretty close shade to Wet n Wild mauve outta here only creamy as opposed to matte so those who love the shade but have dry lips can try this one.

 Lip swatch for MUA power pout Justify. Finally my most fav shade of the trio, Justify. This looks really natural on my lips. Though all the picture I took came out a bit on the pink-ish side, it actually looks like a cross between orange and pink. I swear it is a perfect dupe for benefit's cha cha tint ( and I will do a post on it later). You can wear it anywhere, anytime and in any light and it will still look perfect.

Time to put down the pro's and cons in a nutshell. What I love about these lippies are:
1. cheaper dupe for clinique chubby stick
2. really really moisturizing ideal for people with dry lips
3. The color pay off and durability is better than regular lip balms, almost as much as regular ( not super-staying) lipstick
4. buildable
5. nice texture, kind of oily but not too thick like a balm. has very little shimmer.

however, what i am not liking are:
1. not suitable for hot summer humid weathers, specially if you have super oily skin and do not have dry lips (i.e yours truly)
2. the actual product/lipstick kind of melts a little
3. hard to define edges
4. can be a little too glossy, specially for these summer days.

So after using it regularly everywhere for a while I have now only been using it inside or in climate controled environment every once in a while so that the skin around my lip area doesn't start to sweat. It also provides great moisturizing so I do not have to use any lip balm. However, if you're living in a cold climate I think these would be your perfect everyday shades and you can even try the other ones if you want. All of the 6 shades looks pretty darn good I'll give it that.

For me, they will be perfect during the winter seasons. So I will revisit the review maybe add some positive points come winter. Till then, take care and if you have anything to say, add away :)

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