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Monday, July 22, 2013

My (half) AOTY 2013

Hmm half the year gone, can start with Album of the year now :)

1. The Earth Pushed Back by Have Mercy, I have no words to describe this album, except for the fact that a lot of other bands/artists I have been obsessed with for a long long time (see list bellow) have released new materials this year (2013 has been a great year <3) and this is still my top fav. so go figure…

2. The Greatest Generation by The Wonder Years I have been waiting for this album for a long long time and it was so worth it. This. Band. i.cant.even.

3. What You Don’t See by The Story So Far honestly under soil and dirt is really really special, and ofcourse TSSF is very special and dear to me but obviously i wasn’t going to hold it to US&D standard. but the album totally surprise me, it may not top US&D for me, but is comes pretty darn close.

4.Young New England by Transit at first listen i was like blah, after a few listen i thought okay warming upto it, but after i listened to the new FOB and Paramore record i felt like “YNE" fucking rocks. I know it attracted a lot of negative reviews (Absolutepunk i am looking at you) but trust me it is a grower.

4.Heart Attack by Man Overboard MO is MO.Just like any other MO record, the Heart Attack provides nothing of substance but still somehow makes me feel really good and happy!

1. 1st ever Andrew McMahon solo EP Pop Underground. Though it sounded really electric and not-really-familiar-andrew to me, this man cant do anything wrong. He pulled it off perfectly.

2. Misser’s new ep, Distancing, picked up right where everything i tell myself..left off. Addicted.

3. Sweatshirt Weather’s Translation This EP reminded me of a lot of artists I really love, all at once <3

Waiting hard for new The Dangerous Summer record now, Catholic Girls is definitely my TOTY tied with, Let’s Talk About Your Hair of course.

*to be continued…
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