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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sigma, M.A.C. and Real Technique brush dupe

On a whim, I have recently ordered few ebay dupes of MAC, Real technique and Sigma brushes...and am so impressed with the price and quality that had to make a post about'em.

All of these brushes were bought from Although I didn't just search ebay to find these, there are just too many brushes and too many sellers. No I searched different blogs, read reviews on dupe brushes and followed those link.... So if you ever buy "non-branded" stuff from ebay (brush or whatever) I suggest you do the same, because unlike amazon, there isn't anyway to know about the quality/condition of the product, no reviews, other than some obscure seller rating.
I must say I dont actually own any of the original brushes so I cant compare how close they are, but for non-branded brush these are pretty darn good. I have washed them before using and there was very little shedding. Felt sturdy and pro, first impression was better than any other brushes that I have used before (ELF, CS, BH, MUA, Ecotools or nonbranded) so lets see what happens in the long run

So anyway, let me start with the eyeshadow brushes. These four brushes were £2.38 with free shipping from Hongkong. Here is the ebay link
These brush are longer and larger than any other eyeshadow brush I have ever used. They somewhat resemble sigma brushes according to a few bloggers. From the shapes, anti-clockwise, I think they would be eyeshadow brush, crease brush, dome brush and contour shadow brush. These are all very soft and very fluffy and can be used both to apply eyeshadow or blend regardless. I have only used them once and already thinking about ordering another set!

 Next ones are Real Technique face brush dupes. There were 5 different kinds, I only choose 2 (#2 and #4 because I wanted to test them first. Each of the brsuh was £2.09. Here is the ebay link
So #2 (bottom one) is a close dupe of RT Expert face brush while #4 is that of the buffing brush. They are very soft yet blends everything from liquid foundation to cream concealer very well. I might as order #1,#3 and #5 as well.
Finally a dupe of Mac 187, which is a due fiber stripling brush. It was only £0.99 plus £0.29. It is really big, bigger than my MUA or CS stripping brushes. Here is the ebay link
I have used it for liquid foundation and buffing powder and got very good result. There was some minor shedding after first wash but for that price I am not complaining.

So yeah, if you're looking for some cheap alternative, you can try these dupe brushes for a friction of the price of the originals.  Let me know if you have any followup question.

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  1. Hum they looks very similar. Let us know about the quality and condition of the brush after using it.