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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Witch Hazel : My summer best friend

Meet witch hazel. 100% Natural. My best friend during summer time

I have extremely oily skin so summer means trouble. Summer means rash and breakouts and blackheads and shiny sticky face and what not. Seriously, I hate all you girls with dry to normal skin so much lol

Anyways ever since I started using witch hazel two summers ago, all those problems has reduced considerably. I'll credit online beauty bloggers for this. From youtuber to random blogggers everyone had been raving about witch hazel so much that made me finally get one and trust me they were not wrong. You can search the net and see for yourself.
So witch hazel is an 100% natural product. It has no alcohol or preservatives other than Distilled witch hazel and water!

  • It is just a miracle all-rounder product that can take care off all my summer related problems. First of all its universally used as a toner for oily to combination skin. It has astringent properties which can control oil for hours, atleast no other toner (even those made for oily skin) could did this. And all these without drying my skin out, as it doesn't contain any alcohol. 
  • Next, it is also a natural antiseptic and antibacterial, infact this is the original function of witch hazel, as an alternate natural medication. Therefore for skin it means prevention of the rash and breakouts during the dreaded summertime. Ever since I started using witch hazel, all these problems have significantly reduced. 
  • Even when I do get a pimple or two, witch hazel helps too. It can shrink swollen tissue thus very quickly takes care of the pimple without leaving marks or anything. 
  • Same way witch hazel can reduce any puffyness including puffy eyes. It also reduces the appearance of varicose veins so if you have dark undereye circles (which is basically your skin thinning out showing the veins underneath), try this regularly for good result.
  • Finally its healing ability. Put some in your bruised skin to stop the bleeding. It also helps to heal/fade old scar & marks or any kind of skin problem. For example, if your skin is having some kind of allergic reaction (I am allergic to metal!!) using witch hazel will stop the burning and itching at once. Therefore it is also a great remedy to sunburn.
  • I dont have acne but people with acne uses it regularly helps a lot.
There are just too many pros of witch hazel, here I listed some of them but do search for more. 
The product itself looks an feels just like water. Be advised though, it has a very strong and very weird scent. Though it goes away very quickly afterwards.
There are a lot of ways people uses witch hazels. Some dilute it with water, some with other toners and serum. Even I sometimes dilute some vitamin C powder in it to make a nice and natural vitamin C serum. But mostly I just use it like a toner directly from the bottle, put some of the cap and apply on my freshly washed still damp face, which dilutes the product to some extent.
For pimples or cuts, I drench a little tissue paper witch witch hazel and put it over the problem like a makeshift band aid and let it dry. Repeat this few times throughout the day. For under eye areas I do same thing except dilute the witch hazel first because it might be too strong for delicate undereye area.

(click on the pic to open full size) 
This is still a medicated product and the label comes with all that. I have never experienced any side-effects whatsoever. This is a very common and cheap product in western countries and should be available in any pharmacy. As I live in Bangladesh, I had to order it online. This one I got from Boots (link) and is only £2.99. You can try Dickinson's if you live in the US. Also these are pure witch hazel, there are also some diluted/ formulated witch hazel toner and other products, although I like to use 100% pure witch hazel most.

So if you summer is making your skin crazy, give witch hazel a try. You will thank me later.

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