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Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Make Home Made AHA (Alpha Hydrochloric Acid) Fruit Juice Face Mask

A while ago, I blogged about my favorite face masks here

I love face masks, they are very refreshing and relaxing and do seem to make a difference. These are mostly commercially manufactured but you can always use you DIY Home Made alternatives as well. They are way cheaper then any commercially available options. You are also using 100% natural edible ingredients so no risk of any kind of side-affects caused by chemicals.

Here is an easy way to make a fruit juice face mask in real easy steps. All you need if some kind of fruit juice and sheet masks.

Step 1: Take a fruit (any fruit i.e. apple, orange, grapes, lemon, melon etc that is easy to juice) and make some juice. You can add water but do not try to dilute it too much. The purer the better. You can also add sugar if you like, sugar itself has AHA and will help with the mask.
Alternatively, you can use a commercially produced natural fruit juice. This is what I mostly do because I am lazy.
It is really rare, but your skin may be allergic to a particular type of fruit/fruit juice so do a patch test

Step-2: You will need a face mask sheet to apply this on your face. Since the juice is really thin, it will evaporate in 2-3 minutes which will not be enough time to work on your skin. A face mask will help to put the juice on your face for a longer period for optimal effects.

You can get these mask sheets in bulk form eBay or Amazon. They are really cheap, like 50 compressed mask will be somewhere around 600-800 tk ($10) and even if you use one mask a week they will last forever!

Step-3: Place your mask on the bottom of a glass/jar/container and pour some of the juice on it to get it thoroughly soaked. Go ahead and drink the rest of the juice. You will be doing your skin and your health a favor.

Step -4: Place the mask over your face and keep it on for 15-30 minutes. Lie down and relax. I find the sweet scent of fruit and the cold watery feeling on my face really refreshing.

Step-5: After the time is up wash your face off with water (do not use any cleanser) and discard the mask. Follow on with your favorite moisturizer. Remember to use a sunscreen.

I should mention that since its fruit based, it will have the full benefits of AHA (Alpha hydrochloric Acid)
If you want to know more about different kind of AHA face masks and how you can make them visit here.

So with regular use, like once a week, it will 

  • mildly exfoliate your skin.
  •  help to get rid of dead skin cells, black heads and dirt from the upper layer. 
  • help to fade marks
  • brighten your skin considerably and take off tans
  • It will also moisturize and nourish your skin since fruit juice has vitamins, minerals, enzymes and water.
  • help with skin turnover process since it has anti-aging properties

 If you don’t believe me, visit this link to read about thebenefits of AHA face masks.

Trust me, skin care companies are making tons of money selling products that you can make all by ourselves with ingredients available right in our kitchen. Take my face masks for example, the Korean or Chinese face masks costs about 100-200tk per sheet ($2-3) while the American ones costs even more. And they may have different kind of perfume preservatives, paraben, chemicals etc. I still use some of them every now and then, but for a regular usage I always opt for DIY Home Made options.

Are you a fan of DIY home made face masks? Tell me more…
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