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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easy Face highlighting: Natural Healthy Glow

This is one of the easiest trick to highlight your face if there is one ever! I saw it in some youtube video I think, cant remember where, will add the link if I can find it..

So I have supremely oily skin so my face is really shiny pretty much all the time. Even if you dont have a naturally oily-I-mean-shiny face, the winter-care moisturizers and face creams are making it somewhat shiny I bet. The trick is to use this shine to our advantange...

So if you are using any mattifyng powder, compact powder, translucent powder or simply any powder to get rid of the shine that comes with oily skin/winter care products, do not apply the powder all over your face.  Leave the places where you'd highlight....

For example,  starting from your undereye the place adjecent to your cheekbones, little bit on your chin and on your forhead; as shown in the picture; skip applying the powder. That is, when you're applying powder on your face, dont put any in these areas. It will be easier to do with a dry make up sponge (assuming you are using powder your sponge should be dry anyway) instead of face brush or kabuki brush as a sponge would provide your more control over the areas as opposed to brush where there might be powder fall-outs. 

These will work for any kind of face shape. You dont have to be extremely matriculate, just follow the high-points of your face. The picture above is just an example. (Some people may also want to highlight there nose but I wont recommend it because shiny oily nose is just begging for blackheads, so you are better off using some sort of mattifyng powder )
It will add a healthy glow to your face without any extra product. It will also dray attention to your cheekbones, chin and forhead therefore will make your face look more symmetric, specially if you have a round or square face.
You can do this for both day and night, indoor or outdoor, for any occasions really, it will always look good both in person and in photograph (with or without flash photography)
So what are you waiting for? try this neat trick today and let me know what you think....
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