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Monday, January 7, 2013

Home facial sauna and more...

Finally my conair home facial sauna has arrived...i have been wanting one for so primary concern was not to steam my face but I have low porosity hair it is really hard to get any product (deep conditioner, hot oil) to penetrate my hair unless I keep it on for a prolonged amount of time...which can be quite a problem specially in this winter season...
Also my first every revlon colorstay foundation...been hearing so much about this appparently-the-best-drugstore-foundation-ever...cant wait to try.
The shade is ofcourse a tad bit lighter than my mac nc25 skintone but i couldn't go for the next shades since they would be for warm undertones and i have a cool one
nyx orange corrector for under-eye...i have been using a yellowish tone corrector but heard orange would be the best... so got this one
Also some more elf stuff...i need to stop doing this but its just so cheap i cant help it
and some samples and feathers were free from the page owner i ordered this from...gave them to my kid cousin (except for the UD primer sample)..she loved it.
Gonna go try the facial sauna now :D :D :D
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