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Saturday, November 24, 2012

E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler Review

This review was requested. I was going out I used this E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler and took some picture along the way. This eye lash curler was fairly cheap, only 1 dollar in E.L.F stores and since I got it from an Online Facebook Shop, it was only 250tk with all the added charges.

E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler came in a nice see through plastic box. Not only will it help with the storage issue (it is really had to fit an eye liner curler in any sort of make up organizer, such an odd shape) it will also help to prevent make up dusts, dirts etc to affect the curler.

It also had detailed instruction label printed on the back. Pretty simple steps. Read the label if you want to...

The eye liner curler came with a plastic lock and an extra rubber pad, which is awesome because you should not use one rubber pad for more than a few months or you will risk infection. E.L.F also sells rubber pads on bulk which is also a good point. for my previous Revlon eye lash curler, I couldn't find any rubber pad so i had to clean it with anti-septic cleanser every now and then just to stay in the safe side

As you can from the side by side comparison between Revlon Eye lash curler and E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler, E.L.F. surely has a better design. The front part of the whole thing is a straight line while the curler part of the Revlon is skewed forward. It made using it kind of difficult. But E.L.F's design is better and provides easier application. This is obviously a great pro for this eyelash curler.

I also liked the idea of using a spring. It ensures less pressure on hands, you dont have to take it up and down and up and down, it is down by default.

However, if you compare the actual curlers, you can see Revlon is more circular than E.L.F. I have fairly round eyes so Revlon provides more compability then E.L.F is this case. This is one of the cons for me. I also suppose some people will say that E.L.F is kind of bulky and will take more storage space.

Time for demonstration. I will only be using E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler on my upper lashes. As you can see, my upper lashes are medium thick but very very short, infact if its not curled you can hardly see them at all.

I always use a bit of heat to curl the lashes, saves time and holds the curl better.


Now that I have curled my lashes, you can see there are a bit of definations. I need eye shadows and mascara to add more.

So after I finished my eye make up, I curled my lashes again and primed only half of the lashes, the outer parts. I have round eyes and it is a recommended practice for my kind of eyes.

After the primer has dried, i put two coat of mascara. Dont mind the clumps I was in a hurry .

Here is the final result.

So this was E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler. It provided a decent result for my lashes. I suppose it would work even better on someone with longer lashes. But I would not despose of my trusted Revlon eyelash curler just yet!

If you are looking for an affordable eye lash curler and do not mind the bulky size of it, I suggest you give E.L.F. Mechanical Eyelash Curler a try.
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  1. i think i ll buy this wot u say?as its fairly ceap so nothing to loose at all!...nd thnz for the review,was very helpful..:)

    by the way i ws trin to follow ur blog but cldnt find ne tab,how can i?

  2. Yes I will recommend it, it does the job, I thought it was kind of big at first but getting well used to it :0
    oh i forgot to enable the like button. did it now :)