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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Most Fav. Under-eye creams

I am a software/web developer, which means, I spend way too much time infront of a computer. I also have really odd working hours and tend to stay up late all the time. when I say late I dont mean 2 am, I mean 5 or 6 am.....this is why i have under-eye circles and I am always in a quest to find under-eye creams that works.

After experimenting with several brands, I finally settled for these fours.

They are:
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Eye Cream
Garnier Anti Dark Cirle Eye roll-on
Healthy Shop Anti Wrinlke Under Eye Gel
And Ponds Age Mircale Under Eye Cream

I love all of them for different purposes. For example, Garnier one is really tinted so I can skip concealers, Healthy Shop one is a gel and can do wonder to take off the puffiness. But if I have to pick one from these four, it would be the Ponds one hands down.

I will do a individual review of all of these with pictures, pros and cons later :)
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  1. Hi! First i wnt to thnk u fr writing the wonderful blog! Do i need to put sunscreen as well around the eyes if i use these during the day? I mean these comes wd uv protection? i have nvr used a under eye cream before.Do i need to buy two different ones fr night and day?


  2. HI, ponds age miracle has spf 15..but spf 15 wont be enough for most summer days. you'd need atleast 30...then again I dont really like applying to much product on my under eye area because the skin is to fragile and sunscreen are not known for being the mildest option is to wear a sunglass with uva proetction..(they will come with a sticker stating uv protection, these are pretty had to find it here in bd locally but you can buy them from ebay/amazon with help from a facebook page if you want just search with this term "sunglass UV")
    as for different under eye depends on the problem..if you have dark circle go with ponds or Neutrogena..if you have puffy should use a gel based product like healthy shop, during the day...if you want to hide your under eye you can use garnier during the day and ponds during the night..i mostly use ponds both for daytime and night (once on the morning and once before sleeping)..only when my eyes are too puffy..either because i ate too much salt or didn't get enough sleep i'd use healthy shop in the morning..etc..but really one cream would do to..or you can use natural products like tea bags, mashed of raw potato, cucumber juice instead of creams