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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Parachute Gold Coconut Hair Cream Review

So today I went out to have coffee with my sis and was browsing some adjacent grocery shop and saw this Parachute Gold Coconut Hair Cream. Now you know me, I am obsessed with hair care products. I had no idea what a hair cream was as I never used one, so decided to test one. The price, tk 250 ($7-8) helped too. It is a product of Parachute Arabia is which again an unfamiliar territory but I do know the Parachute Brand. I mean I never used their oils because I always use edible or organic ones but I am familiar with their reputation. You can visit the Marico website to know more about the product line and everything.
Anyway  then came back home and did a web search as usual but couldn't fine one single review, so decided to do one myself!!! 

So this is an anti-dandruff hair cream. I don’t really suffer from dandruff or flakiness ever since I have been using Apple cider vinegar but it is winter and my scalp is prone to more problems during this time so it won’t hurt.

For a 170 ml container it was pretty light, almost felt empty. Should say something about the color and design, the inner graphics designer in me hated it. Seriously what is up with all these colors??! So anyway, it had labels in both English and Arabic, here is the English one.

As you can see it says this product has amino acid, tea tree oil, lemon, neem etc, all of them are known for hair care properties. So far so good. The emphasis is also on scalp rather than the hair. Anyway read the whole label to know more.

Here is the ingredients list, it has mineral oil, glycerin and paraben and I know some people are not comfortable with them but I don’t really have any problems.

The container was sealed with a white paper with more advertisement.

Inside, the cream had a color between light blue and light cyan. At first look, it looked quite conditioner-ish. Also a very strong smell hit me as soon as I opened took the seal off. It had typical cosmetic hair oil like smell and I instantly hated it.
The consistency and texture of the product is like a light conditioner.

I took some on my finger, smoothed with my palms and applied on my hair. Though it was supposed to be applied on damp hair, my hair is dry and I am not going to take a shower just for the sake of reviewing. (Maybe I will update this review after I test it on my damp hair later.) The cream dissolved immediately and left no residue on my hand(a big plus, every time I use Garnier or Dove leave ins they leave really deep residue on my hand because of all that silicone I have to wash my hands once or twice to get rif of that sticky greasy feeling). It felt very much like a leave in conditioner at that point as opposed to regular conditioner. Yes I suppose “cream” is a right word. Not sure what it actually done to my hair except it made my hair look rather shiny. It is also very light and didn't weight my hair down. I suppose I can tell more after I apply it on my damp hair.

My verdict: I don’t know what to think about this product. Yet. The ingredient lists are impressive enough that even with some questionable elements it made me think that the product may do some good after all. I do have some quality leave-in products (like Dove, Avon and Garnier) but none of them really concentrated on the scalp (in fact I never really use them on scalp, only on my lengths) so Parachute Gold Coconut Hair Cream is different this way. However, even after 20 minutes of applying the smell still lingers and I still hate it so I will not be using it the days I will have plans or something. But hey, if the products delivers half of what the label says, I’ll learn to live with the smell.
If you are looking for an affordable leave-in product that is designed for scalp with anti-dandruff properties, I suggest you give it a try because so far this is the only leave in product I have seen that claim. If you really get it or have used it already, let me know what you feel about it.
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