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Monday, November 12, 2012

How to get healthy, shiny, frizz free hair by adding Honey with your conditioner

Today I will share a neat trick that changed my life. Literally! It changed my hair, the time I used to spend (waste?) “taking care” (read processing/over processing/frying/putting who-knows-what-chemicals) on my hair. Last but not the least, it saved me tons of $$$ I had endlessly spend (again, wasted) fretting over my hair thinking it will do the magic. Nothing really did, atleast produced any permanent results that I can tell. That is, until I found this tip in Long Hair Care/ Long Hair Community/Naturally Curly websites. If you don’t know about these sites, I suggest you check them out, they are one of the best websites for hair out there…

First, a few words on my hair. After years of chemical processing ( rebonding/color/hightlights you name it) and regular heat and stuff, I finally came to my senses (again, my foremost gratitude to the websites mentioned above) and adopted a more natural process. I have oily 2b wavy hair with low porosity. (I will do some posts later on how to detect your hair type and porosity condition, very important stuff, I tell you, if you are trying to take care of your hair). Since I have been fairly natural for last two years or so (no chemical processing or regular heat only some carefully executed blow outs once/twice every month), my hair is in pretty good condition. But it’s still frizzy, dry on the ends and somewhat unmanageable specially immediately after shampoo no matter what. I do my fair share of hair treatments. Always follow shampoo with conditioner, do a deep conditioning treatment and a hot oil treatment once every week, while they do help, nothing can compare to mixing conditioner with honey!

Yes. This is the secret tip. Sweet, simple, inexpensive, edible honey. Just mix it with your conditioner and get healthy, shiny and frizz free hair in an instant.

Wanna know why? Because honey, my dear lovelies, is a natural humectant. A humectant is a substance that helps to retain water. Want me to explain? Think oil or glycerin, once you put some water on your skin or hair and apply them, they will seal the water inside. They will also take water from your environment and seal them inside. Now the big difference between them and honey is, while they are oil based, honey is not. So it will not make your hair greasy. How awesome is that? So once you put honey on your freshly washed hair, it will trap some of the water inside your hair shaft which will ensure healthy, non-drying and really shiny hair. Seriously, even the most expensive shine serum I own (and I own a number of them) couldn’t compete with the shine from honey!

If you want to know details about honey and humactant and all you may visit this page. You may also search net for more…

Without further ado, lets start with the Do It Yourself tutorial shall we? For this, you will need any regular conditioner (regular conditioner is the ones you put after shampooing your hair, wait 2-3 minutes and then wash off, not the deep treatments kind that needs to stay on for an hour so, ofcourse you can also add honey in them but more on that later…)  and any kind of honey.
I will be demonstrating with Pantene curly series conditioner (curl to straight) but really any regular conditioner will do.

Step-1: Take some regular conditioner. The amount will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. I have shoulder medium thick hair so I take about two table-spoon of conditioner. So anyway take your normal amount and put it in a plastic mixing container.

Step- 2: Put one teaspoon of honey. I am using organic honey I got directly from Sundorbon. Again, any edible honey found in grocery shops will do.

Step-3: mix with a plastic spatula. (This is my one secret. Remember while mixing any kind of ingredient always use plastic, plastic container plastic spatula you never know how your ingredient will react with metal)

Step- 4: After shampooing put this honey conditioner mix as usual. Wait for 2-3 minute and wash off the conditioner with water. Air-dry your hair…Welcome shiny healthy frizz free hair!
As simple as that…

Step-5 (optional) : Use a leave-in when your hair is slightly damp. Some people find this step optional (specially if you have straight hair with thin texture) some people (wavy and curly hair with medium to thick texture) don’t, so try both ways and see what suits you.

Step-6 (optional) : I am so impressed with the result that I have been putting honey in my deep treatment conditioner as well. After washing with a clarifying shampoo I put  I mix honey and my deep treatment conditioner in 1:2 ratio and keep it for 1 hour. I can totally tell deep treatments work better
Step -7 (optional) : I even use honey with my hot oil treatments. Same principle, I mix a teaspoon of honey with olive/almond/castor/whatever I feel like oil (I will do a post on hair oil sometime, remember all oil is not created equal), warm it up in microwave, put it on my hair concentrating on my scalp and ends and wash off after an hour (sometimes overnight) and I swear my hair has never been better. Even with all the professional saloon treatments. Never.

So that’s it. Thank you for reading. I hope it was helpful. I hope you will try it. And if you do, let me know how you like your result. And as always, if you have anything to add, any comment or suggestion or question, just let me know. I will get back to you.

Happy hair everyone:)
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  1. I have wavy hair and I've been straightening it for years, not appreciating my natural, beautiful wavy hair that spirals at the ends. And so now I've gone natural for the last 3 years.

    The last few weeks I've been experimenting with ONLY baking soda and honey. Honey adds shine but my hair is slightly sticky and loses the shape of the curls.. so my hair kinda looks straggly and medusa-like. I'm not sure why this happens, I've read it might be because of honey residue but I don't want to use shampoo to wash it off. Did it change your curls?