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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I got today: Orchard Point Haul

Look at my nails. Darn edges!
But I ran out of nail polish thought would make a quick stop to Orchard Point, a nearby mall, to pick one up.
This is what I ended up buying. Damn you, window shopping!
I needed an protein based conditioner, I mostly own moisturizing conditioners (I have low porosity hair so protein is not something my hair often needs), so yes Caring's Egg Protein Conditioner ( about tk550/ $8) was justified. I love Labellos, I got one a week ago but gave it to Ammu so needed one more. Face mask application brush, hair comb, eye brow pencil and ofcourse the nail polish removers were really cheap and doesn't count. However, I really DID NOT need yet another compact powder, but i just went ahead and got myself a L`oreal Infalliable(about tk600/$9) anyway!
The jwelleries were okay...i dont really buy them often. I have metal allergy,... i cant wear anything except gold for longer than 2-3 hour period without getting weird rash. But I really liked these. Specially this earrings.
Cost me about tk 380/ $5, nice, yes?
But wait...this isn't what the day was about it. So, Guess what? Its shoes. Two pair of amazing shoes. Just couldn't pass them on...

Aren't they pretty? Together they took about (tk1200/ $16), wasn't that a great bargain? Justified? Hell Yeah :D

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