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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Almond oil is the best leave-in for winter..

I am a leave-in addict. Since I wear 2B hair naturally, I need a lot of leave-in to make them behave. I am always experimenting and searching for me.
So I have been using all my regular leave-ins regularly this winter...while they took care of the frizz and manageability issues, there is still winter dryness. Now, I have been taking extra care of my hair, once-a-week hot oil treatment and all but still, everytime I wash my hair, it feels kind of dry!

So the other day, instead of any leave-in or serum, I used some almond oil and am amazed to see the result. My hair feels so soft, shiny and not-a-single hint of dryness. My hair feels like summer!

The application is simple enough. Just 2-3 drops of almond oil for my shoulder length hair would suffice. If you have longer hair you may add a drop more. But remember, you can always use more but if you use too much, there is no way to take it off.

Also make sure to use it when your hair is still slightly damp (not dripping wet). It will be easier to apply. It will seal the moisture inside, really important to counter-act dryness. And finally, if you use almond oil on non-damp/dry hair, it might get oily..

Also, use only on your not touch the scalp or it will get oily.

One more thing, oils will not protect your hair from heat. If something, it will fry your hair. So do not use almond oil or any leave-in/serum that has oil in it (fro example the Dove one) before you heat your hair (curl, blow dry, iron) etc. You can always use a drop or two after you are done for awesome shine and lasting finish.

So try almond oil on your damp hair and your hair will love it.
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