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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

keep a lotion next to the handwash so that you never forget to moisturize your hands everytime you wash them this winter

I often forget or feel lazy to put some lotion/moisturizer on everytime I wash my hands, that is until I came up with this idea!

Sometimes people feel that they should start taking care of their hands only after 35 or 40 since it wont start showing signs of aging till then. But I believe prevention is always better than cure. Besides its winter, every-time water comes in contact with your hand, it is vulnerable to dryness, regardless of age or anything.

Just see how you feel before and after you put some moisturizer on, you will know its making a difference.

And it doesn't have to put any expensive hand creams which advertises to moisturize your hands for 24 hours or something. Just some regular moisturizer will do. because what are the odds that you will not wash your hand in 24 hours? No matter how good the hand creams are, they will not last after coming in contact with hand wash or cleansing agent. So I'd rather go with an inexpensive option like Johnson and Johnson (it comes with a plump which helps) rather than body butter or expensive brands because I'll be using it a lot and it does the work.

Take care of your hands. Its one of the first things people notice about you. Happy winter :)

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