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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Labello Chapsticks/ lip balm review: one of my most fav go-to lip balms

There are just too many lip-balms these days. Different kind, different shapes, different prices, its pretty overwhelming!! I have used some of them...but still my faithful fairly common Labello chapsticks are still my most fav go-to lip balm for everyday use

Just my personal opinion, but I find lot of the expensive lip balms, butters etc kind of over rated. Yes my EOS balm looks really cute on my dresser, Body Shop lip butters has an amazing buttery texture and scent and so on. They also have pretty long staying power, compared to Labello of course, but I wouldn’t know.

I go through lip-balms like crazy. I wear them all the time. Then I took it off before I drink water or eat (which is a lot, I love to eat lol). Then I reapply again. So staying power is not one of my top priorities.  Even at night, I am a pretty restless sleeper and my lip balms wear off with 2-3 hours. So when I wake up, I have hardly noticed much difference when I use Labello or EOS. In fact, Labello stays on longer than lip butters like Body Shop

So I’d rather buy a few Labello lip balms which are around 200 taka and can be found anywhere here in Bangladesh than some shiny brand-name ones start from 600-1000 taka and provide more or less the same result.

From left to right Labello Soft Rose, Labello Fruity Shine Strawberry, Labello Fruity Shine Cherry, Labello Pure Natural Milk and Honey

These chopsticks can also be quite versatile. For example, flavors like Fruity Shine Strawberry or Fruity Shine Cherry are quite pigment, gives my lips a red stain and can be worn alone. They have a little shine but not too shimmer or anything.  They are also buildable with other products; I sometimes wear a coat of some pink/tea rose shade lipstick over a coat of lip balms and viola really natural looking pigmented lips. Not to mention extremely moisturized.

Labello Pure Natural line is my favorite for over night use, it’s even more moisturizing than the others and has some exfoliation like effects. The Pink Rose one is really sheer, I use over or under lip stain and matte lipstick, it doesn’t change the color of the shade but provides extra moisture.

Oh I almost forgot to mention, I love love the texture of this chapsticks. They are quite thick and hydrating but not at all sticky, greasy or waxy. I can even wear them during summer on my extremely oily skin with no problem. It glides one pretty smoothly as well. Besides it’s a chapstick, my most favorite option for lip balms because it’s quicker to apply and less messy (unlike containers of lip butter and so on)

One word of caution though, there are a lot of fake Labello (and other branded chapsticks) so be careful when you are buying one. But they often do a poor job at imitating so just study the container, label and design carefully and you will know.

So what are your favorite go to lip balms? Do share.
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