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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oil cleansing method Part-1: what is oil cleansing method? How does it work? The benefits of oil cleansing method

Keep an open mind girls. I know washing face with oil sounds insane but bear with me. It will all make sense.
Remember chemistry lesson? I don’t. But anyway, simple rule of chemistry, like dissolves likes. Oil dissolves oil.

Face Cleansing 101
Now when we clean our face, the main objective is to clean the oil/sebum produced by our skin and all the make-up/ dirt/blackheads/whiteheads/cysts/other problems etc that comes with it. All the commercially available facial cleanser strips our skin off that all that natural oil and can never really take off all the make-up/dirt/blackheads/whiteheads/cysts/other unless it is like really strong which is of course not something you would want to use regularly. If you value your skin that is.

Oil Cleansing method:
Now the oil cleansing will do the opposite, it will take care of all the make-up residue/ dirt/blackheads/whiteheads/cysts/pimples/ other stuff  to100% but will not remove 100% of the natural oil and sebum from your face.
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Benefits of Oil Cleansing Method: 
This can benefit skin in many different ways:
  1. Restoring Skin Balance: Most of the problems we face on our face (wow that sounds interesting) are caused to chemical/ph imbalance. Harsh cleansers strip off all the natural oil produced by our body to protect our skin. So it produces more. Also our immune systems acts up as a direct result of it and we end up having acne, eczema and other skin problems. 
  2. Preserving natural Oil: Using really strong cleanser to strip off all the oil can make even the oiliest skin dry and create a really different sort of problems like dry skin patches, fine line etc.
  3. Removing Make-up: Make up products removing products have strong cleansing agents that can do all these damage plus alcohol, preservatives and other chemicals that you do not want to put on your face. 
  4. Effective Cleansing from first use: Even the strongest of the cleansers may not effectively clean your face. Yes, it will strip off all the oils, but that is not our primary objective here. It will remove all the make-up, but at the expense of stripping off-oil, so again same problem. But it will never take off all the blackheads/whiteheads/other stuff stuck deep within the pores patches from first use. With regular use maybe 80% of it. But regular use of such products is probably the worst thing you can do for your skin. 
  5. No side-affect from regular use: Oil cleansing method will remove about 70-80% of the black-heads/white heads/other stuff stuck deep within the pores from first use. Regular application will ensure a 100% clean face and unlike strong commercial cleanser it will not harm your skin if something it will make it better since the oils you will be using have beneficial properties. 
  6. Deep Pore Cleansing: All these is because like dissolve like. Oil dissolves oil. So the oil you will be putting your face will be dissolved with the oil that is on your face. And all the problems (blackheads/whiteheads/skin patches/dirt and other stuff stuck on your pores) that are on your face are there because of the pre-excisting oil. So once you use some special kind of oil to dissolve the pre-excisting problematic oil, the dirt/whitehead/blackheads etc will loosen and come off like magic.
  7. Cheap Alternative to commercial cleanser: Using oil cleansing method will not only save your skin from those problems cause by strong facial cleanser/ make-up removers but also save you all the money you would otherwise be spending (wasting?) to buy such products. Even the best quality castor oil/olive oil or any other quality oil costs only a fraction of commercial cleansers and will last forever. 
  8. Improve skin condition: Also, if you suffer from any kind of skin condition, acne, eczema, dry skin patches, frequent breakouts, allergies, rash, and sensitivity to cleansers etc, oil cleansing method will help to get rid of it. Most of the people who have any of those problems know how hard it is to totally get rid of them. You spend years and a lot of money trying products after product, going to different dermatologists, seeking different expert opinion to no avail. You never find the perfect solution. The problems just don’t permanently go away. Well, peeps look no further because oil cleansing method does the job. I don’t have any of those problems except for dry skin patches during winter and I have only been using this method a few times and all my dry skin patches had gone away from first use. As for the other problems, I have read tons and tons of reviews and forum posts of people improving from those conditions with oil cleansing method. Just do a Google search with the respective problem and oil cleansing method, for example, “acne and oil cleansing method” to see for yourself. 
  9. Better skin: Finally, everyone who has been using oil cleansing method, one way or other, yours truly included, will swear on the improvement of appearance. It made all our skin brighter, glowing and healthier. A lot of people doing it for a longer period no longer feels the need to use make-up even. It is due to all the benefits of the oil cleansing method described above to a healthier and problem free skin to achieve so. Do not forget the benefits of all the oils you will be using for oil cleansing method, olive oil, sun flower oil, castor oil, almond oil, tea tree oil and each of them have unique properties to add to the list of benefits and contribute to improvement of skin and appearance. For example, any kind of oil is rich in vitamin E.
Seriously, I insist, research. Because I know it sounds weird, counter-intuitive even. I know you are feeling skeptical. I know you must be feeling a bit afraid of putting oil on your face, at first I was too. But it all makes perfect sense. It really works. I have already written so much yet didn’t even began to cover all the things barely touched the surface. So do a search. Visit Website. Read blog entries. Watch some videos. See before and after pictures of people who have been doing this on regular basis. Understand the science behind oil cleansing method. Give it a try.

I did. I tried different variations of oil cleansing methods. Made some modifications of my own. And will be discussing all those in some later post.

In the meanwhile, let me know what you think about oil cleansing method. Or if you have any question or anything.
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