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Friday, December 28, 2012

Digital perm!!! what sorcery is this???

I've been researching hair straightening with volume (as opposed to Japanese rebonding because its too flat)  for my sister (I'm never ever going to chemically process my hair, no sir, never again) and came accross this new trend "Digital perm"

Looks down-right at any moment a mad scientist is your going to appear from nowhere to fry the brain...but behold...the end result is so darn amazing. Hello, amazing voluminous hair with glorious just the right amount of lose waves!!!!

(All the images are collected from Internet. )

How pretty are these???
I have 2b wavy hair and with some rollers I can achieve the similar result, but it does takes efforts and time. Imagine waking up like this!!!!

Why digital you ask? Because these web of rollers are connected to a computer which would regulate the heat, therefore you will get different wave/curl pattern for different part of the hair to a point of precision. Smart, right? Oh computers, I am so glad I studied thy!

Would I consider doing it? Probably not..but since its not available here in Bangladesh, I dont have to think about it, now.

What do you think?
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