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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On Review

This review was requested multiple times. finally getting around to it now...

So before I start reviewing Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On I must say, thier previous version,  Garnier Brightening Eye Roll one was one of my most favorite products
I used to use it regularly, literally every night and most of the days, for 1-2 years and it worked wonder. Okay, not as much my new fav Ponds one (read review here) but close. In fact it is the unavilbility of this product that lead me to discover the Ponds...

I know it is not discontinued, but I couldn't find it anywhere, only the new Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On was available and it had really high review so I deicded to try it anyway.

 Now, this was a few months ago, so I totally discarded the packaging and the label on the product isn't much.
So I copied the ingredient list from net
And the product claims on the label
Finally how to work it
Please notice how it kept sayng how the dark circle will appear reduced! That is exactly what it is tinted and it works like a concealer. No I understand it is somewhat of a similar forumla to the brightening serum one (both has lemon and caffiane which are proven solution for dark circle) so it might works just as well, but I will never know, because unlike the bightening eye roll on, I never use Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On regularly.
Because its freaking tinted!
Yes, I know its highly affective to conceal the under eye dark circles. I have read all the reviews. But you know what else can conceal dark circles? A concealer!! Yes, that is what this product is to me, a concealer.
All that tint, the consistency and the texture of the product, everything else, screams concealer to me. And I do not know about people giving it raving reviews, but I can never put concealer or anything with tint or color on my under-eye or skin around my eyes everyday. Its just too delicate. Anyway more on that later..

First let us look at the applicator
Typical roll on applicator with a ball. And for each roll-on it discards a whole lot of product
The previous one was transparent so I had no problem with too much product. But now that is it tinted, too much product will look overdone and whitewash around my skin. So after trial and error, I thought, since it is a concealer, i just might use a concealer brush as well.

So I just use the brush to roll the ball ever so slightly and there is product on the brush. Not a lot, just enough.
You can see the difference..the roll on application is uneven and too much product and the with concealer brush its even just enough product. You can always apply more if needed. but when you use the roll-on and its too much product taking it off can be a problem.

So like i said, the texture and consistency is quite similar to a light concealer. Here are my eyes without anything on them
Now I applied some Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On with concealer brush
See, it took care of the dark circle. I will say it provides a medium coverage. And this is why I am still using it. Because even though its a concealer, it does have some skin improving properties. So when I'm looking for some medium coverage, I would use this one instead of make-up concealer products.

That is why I keep buying it and using it, not to use it as a daily under eye cream but to use it as occasional concealer.

So all in all, my verdict is, 
  • I cant really tell if or how much this Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On product works to actually reduce the under-eye circle because it will mean I have to use it atleast once daily which I do not. More, like once a week or so.
  • I also can not tell you the regular result in terms of puffiness. But I can tell you, it makes little instant difference. For example, when I put my Healthy Shop eye cream, which is gel based, my puffiness is instantly reduced to a great extent, but it doesn't work for Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On.
  • I also think this product is little bit on the dry side. It worked fine during the summer but during winter not so much. I like my under eye product with a creamy or gel-like texture
  • Finally, I am not sure about the recommendation. I personally do not and will not use it everyday. I also do not think its an ideal product to use during night, because why would you want to conceal your dark circle when you're about to sleep? so in most likelyhood, you would need to buy another eye cream for night-time anyway.
  • But if you are okay with using a little tinted product around your eyes on daily basis and the dark circle bothers you and want an instant solution, this will be a better solution that most of the concealers available commercially.
Do you have any other question on Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll On? Do you want to try it? Let me know...

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