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Monday, December 17, 2012

lipstick stash

Pretty idle day today...took some picture of my lipstick stash to kill time...

I dont really like wearing lipstick much, I mostly use lip balms. Even when I wear lippie, I dont like too much pigmentation. I like a stain-like finish or something that look slightly faded, like you have been wearing them for sometimes now, so most of the lipstick I own have medium to low or almost nude coverage.

Lets start with the lip glosses...these are almost nude or slightly tinted with high watery gloss and no shine. Shine is a total no no for me and I never wear any gloss, lipstick or anything with shine/glitter on my lips.

From left to right: L'oreal Paris Endless Kissable Shinewear topcoat clear lipgloss, Jordana Lip Out Loud, L'oreal Paris Colour Juice, Colour Juice sheer and another colour juice, Dior Luscious Color (this one has a slight shimmer, but barely visible). All of them were bought from local shops.

Then the liquid lipstick/gloss which has more pigmentation and higher staying powers (sepcially the Maybelline super stay ones, they have superior superior staying power)
From left to right: NYX soft matte lip cream, Maybelline Super Stay lipcolor, Avon velvet lip color. Maybelline ones can be found locally while NYX and Avon were ordered from their websites.

I am a big fan of nude lipsticks...there is just something really awesome about smoky eye, nude lips and clear gloss... these are the shades that I could find closest to my skin color
From left to right: Avon Smooth Mineral, Body Shop Delipscious tinted lip balm, two Revlon Moisturestay liptint and L'oreal Colour Riche. Avon and Body Shop one are not available locally but the rest are.

The thing I look for most when I buy lipstick are a little less pigmentation and long staying power....that is why these next ones are my most favourite options for simple go-to looks to parties and stuff. Most of the colors stays on for hours even after I eat or drink water...

From left to right: 3 Lo'real Endless Kissable lipsticks, Revlon moisturstay lipcolor, revlon color brust, and two colorstay lipcolor.

Finally some other lipstick which can be quite pigmented but has pretty limited staying power.
From Right to left: two Revlon colour burst, Prestige and and Elf, everything except for the e.l.f are bought from local stores.

So you can probably guess that pink is totally my favorite color. In fact I dont really wear anything else except different shades of pinks and nudes. I do however, have a set of lipstain in 6 different colors (most of which I never really use :| )

TKO lip stains...stays on forever but can be really drying.

I couldn't bother typing all the individual number and shades so took some pictures instead but the writings are so small its barely let me know if anyone wants to know about any particular one.

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