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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My AOTY 2012

May. And I was still listening to last year's music (is it any wonder though, with all that TWY, Fireworks, TSSF, Transit, MO, TDS, TBS and blink and what not... there will never be another year like 2011, poppunkwise, atleast in my lifetime:|)...till this one came out :D

Misser's Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going to Be a Better Person. I knew i'd fall in love with this album before i even heard a single song :|

Forever Came Calling's Contender gave me goosebumps. fucking goosebumps. cant stop listening since....

Handguns's Angst is just too muc &(*^V$#@&*HD@&*H)*. totally AOTY material.

bit on the hardcore-side but been jamming Heart to Heart's Heart to Heart a lot, really awesome stuff.

Also, Pentimento's Pentimento is an awesome album and its free!!

Really warming up to Make Do and Mend's Everything You Ever Loved, The American Scene's Safe For Now and Daytrader's Twelve Years :)

Here's an honorary mention. Yellowcard's Southern Air...listening to this album made me realize how much my taste has evolved over the last 1-2 years..before that, i'd have loved the album with all my heart (Yellowcard used to be my top artist afterall) but right now i'm just way too much obsessed with generic pop punk to be really moved by the radio poppish productions.

So what are your album/s of the year two thousand and twelve???
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