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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Layer it: Get softer and healthier skin this winter with layering products

I love winter season I really do. I love to wear winter clothes, from colorful hoodies to posh jackets. I love the absence of heat, specially outdoors. I love the way my skin is no longer oily.
What I hate is what the weather does to my feet and hands.
Sometimes putting just some body lotion is not enough. Even after I put some body lotion I still suffer from occasional dry patches in my elbows and feet and wrinkles from cold on my fingers. This is where layering comes into play. I try to do this almost every night overnight so that I can wake up with baby soft elbows, hand and feet. If you have any other dry spots in your body ( for some people knees) you can include them for layering too.
  • Step-1: Ofcourse it is a must to start with a damp skin. You can wash your hands, lower arm, elbow, ankle and feet with a shower gel, or only water. If you dont want to use running water for some reason, you can simply spray these body parts with water. Just make it damp, thats all.
  • Step-2: Massage on some body moisturizers on the damp skin specially concentrating on your elbow, feet, fingers etc. You can use anything your prefer, from strong body butters to light body lotions.  Try not to use body oils though it will not hold the next layer.
  • Step-3: Wait for a few minutes for the moisturizer to sink in. It should totally be absorbed by your skin. Then take some petroleum jelly, glycerin or non-peritoneum jelly (if you dont want to use mineral oil, I am fine with it though, as long as I am using it on my body and not on my face) and massage into your skin over the moisturizer.  
  • Step-4: You can also do this for your face. First, use a facial moisturizer on damp face, massage and let it absrob
  • Step-5: After 4-5 minutes take 4-5 drops of almond oil and massage your face again.
  • Step-6: This concludes your overnight skin layering. Now if you are as much of a restless sleeper as I am you may want to wear some socks, gloves, arm warmers etc. 

Skin layering will give your double protection against winter dryness. Body moisturizers or petroleum jelly alone will work to some length but together they are better. For example, petroleum jelly is really good at sealing the moisturizer but it is mostly mineral oil contains no other ingredient. A body moisturizer, even really good one like body butter, will not seal moisture as good as petrolatum jelly but it has more nutrients than petroleum jelly, for example different kind of body vitamins, skin heightening agents, anti-aging agents, special ingredients depending on how your body moisturizer is designed (for example different ones sometimes contain different fruit extract which provide different results). So by using them together, you will get all the benefits

The almond oil and facial moisturizer will also work the same way. Moreover, the second layer will protect the first layer throughout the night so that it can work better and does not get wear off.

So try overnight layering, you can feel the difference very next morning and the softness will last all day. If I am home all day, sometimes I do this during day time as well. It really made a lot of difference for my skin. Hope it does the same for you too

Do you do overnight layering? Share your experience with us...also, let me know if you have any question or anything....
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